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    11 Reasons To Start Watching The Good Fight

    As if you didn't need a new show to become obsessed with

    1. Because it features three awesome leading ladies

    CBS / Via

    Cush Jumbo, Christine Baranski, and Rose Leslie

    2. Lucca Quinn, fierce lawyer and all around badass played by Cush Jumbo.

    CBS / Via

    I mean, come on

    Need I say more??

    CBS / Via

    2017 mood: yelling at white men.

    3. Because it normalizes Maia's relationship with Amy while still acknowledging it as an important part of their identities

    CBS / Via

    Fictional lesbians for the win!

    4. The chemistry between these two

    CBS / Via

    I support Maia's relationship with Amy...but I am so here for Maialucca!

    5. Christine Baranski is back as Diane Lockhart, a quick-witted, complex, flawed woman.

    6. Because it deals with social issues through humor

    CBS / Via

    7. Because it features hysterical supporting characters

    CBS / Via

    Marissa Gold, my jewish daughter

    8. Bernadette fucking Peters!!!

    CBS / Via

    You can always count on television to bring back the Broadway greats

    9. Because we can all relate to being young, nervous, and a little obnoxious on our first jobs

    CBS / Via

    Bambi stumbling around the woods

    10. Because the editing is top notch

    CBS / Via

    Film buffs ya feel me?

    11. And the acting is pretty flawless too


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