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How To Plan Her First Mother’s Day

Mother's day is a HUGE deal especially if it's going to be her first. You only get one chance to make her first Mother's Day memorable, but don't worry because we're going to show you how easy it really is. Here's a step by step guide on how to make her first Mother's Day perfect!

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1. How to Plan Her First Mother's Day

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Life Lesson- Women who becomes moms will ALWAYS remember their first Mother's Day! I once overheard my mother talking over the phone, "I don't care... it's the thought that counts, and it means more to me if I can tell it took Jack some planning to accomplish." The moral (and the trick) to the story is to plan ahead and do something and/or give some kind of personal gift. So here is an easy step-by-step guide to making her first Mother's Day unforgettable, hassle-free!

2. The Starting Point - Flowers and a Card

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Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute! Jump online and order some flowers (like red roses) AND HAVE THEM DELIVERED. It shows that you planned ahead. Do the same thing with the card, but sent it in the mail. It will usually take somewhere between 1-3 days.

*** Bonus Points if you have the flowers and card from the kid(s)

3. Sleeping Beauty - Let Mom Catch a Few Extra Zzz’s

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Think about it, moms never stop being moms. Even when the kiddos are not around; she’s either doing something for them, thinking about them, or worried about them. Give her some time with the whole bed, it’s very thoughtful.

4. Breakfast In Bed (No Brainer)

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Duh! You’ve done it for your mom or at least had breakfast ready when she woke up, so why not do the same for your significant other on her first mother’s day!

*** If serving breakfast in bed, be mindful of messy foods or at least be ready to wash the bed sheets when you’re all finished.

5. Memorable Gifts - Keepsakes

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Take the time and pick out a gift that you know she will love! Give her a present that the child can participate in, such as making hand/footprint memorabilia of your newborn or having your child make a card all by themselves. It is a memory that the family/mother can enjoy forever.

6. Chores, Chores, Chores

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Surprise her with a clean home! There is nothing better than waking up to all the chores done and having nothing to worry about. A couple of chores goes a long way in showing that your care.

9. Say "Cheese" - Family Photo Shoot

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A mother could never say “no” to a kodak moment; especially when it involves their newborn baby and celebrating her first mother’s day. Bring the whole family (and pets) to make lasting memories that you will be able to look back at and cherish.

10. Family Activity - Picnic


After a great breakfast in bed, serve mom a handmade lunch outdoors whether it be a short drive to her favorite park or even in your very own backyard. You can make it a family event, or invite family friends to tag along as well.

11. Gift Card To Her Favorite Place / Via

The good thing about gift cards is that you do not have to be right! You don’t have to pick out the right color shirt or the right style handbag. Buy the new mom a gift card and let her make those decisions herself. They are a gift that keeps on giving!

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