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9 Desserts To Drown Your Election Day Sorrow

Desserts to drown your election day sorrow.

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Come November 9th a lot of the country will be in mourning. Even if your candidate wins, let's be honest, this election has kind of been a rough ride. When did the presidential debates become a liar liar pants on fire insult fest? Are we really supposed to sit as families around the dinner table and discuss appropriate manners with our kids when good manners are not modeled by the presidential candidates? Frankly, it's a little embarrassing. And a little sad.

While this election season has left many of us yearning for more choices, at least we still have lots of dessert choices. So as you sit back on the night of November 8th and watch the election results roll in (or as you're busy packing for Mexico or Canada), consider drowning your sorrow with one of the below delicious desserts. They won't solve all your problems or all the country's problems, but maybe, for a brief moment, you'll forget that the heated debate for the highest office in our land consisted of the following:

"You're a puppet."

"No, you're the puppet!"

That really happened. I need chocolate now.

Let's come together over dessert America. And then let's turn the page. We are better than this!

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