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12 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Obsessed With Christmas

Because you're brave enough to admit that you're obsessed with Christmas. And how early is too early for Christmas anyway?

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1. You get super excited when you see Christmas stuff in store and it is not even Halloween yet.

allottajoe / Via

2. And you go ahead and buy every single Christmas thing there is.

Every. Single. Damn. Thing.
Parade Magazine / Via

Every. Single. Damn. Thing.

3. It gets just a little chilly and you believe Christmas is here.

4. You’re already deciding how big you want your Christmas tree to be this year.

New Girl / Via

Yes, in the middle of October.

5. You’re making a list of all the people worthy enough to receive Christmas presents from you.

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6. You watch Christmas-related videos on YouTube and hope that your Christmas will turn out as awesome as theirs.

Make A GIF / Via

And let's not forget to thank the Internet for creating such impossibly high expectations for Christmas.

7. You imagine every single killer Christmas outfit in your head when you go shopping.

MakeAGIF / Via

Yup, just like Bethany Mota’s Christmas outfits.

8. You keep lurking at all the Christmas decorations and can’t wait to pull them all out to light up the whole house.

Parade Magazine / Via

But then get tangled in all the lights.

9. You practically have a Christmas wish list all year round.

Tumblr / Via

Who even waits till Christmas to make one?

10. You ask yourself when it is socially acceptable to start playing Christmas music.

jackieskellington / Via

But the real question is: Why do we stop?

11. You just want to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving altogether and jump right to Christmas.

Mona Martinez / Via TheSouthTexan

12. You wish every day was Christmas because let’s be realistic here, what’s better than Christmas?

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