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10 Problems Caused By Instagram Scrolling

Are you familiar with the art of scrolling through Instagram? Scrolling can be performed when also doing other activities, when you're half asleep or when you are mindlessly trying to entertain yourself. Anyone who scrolls at some point in their day will be familiar with these 10 complications that can arise at any point in the Instagram Feed.

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1. All of the Sudden you are Really Hungry


It is not uncommon to be scrolling through your Instagram and see an array of delicious food. Often this results in the need to go and indulge in whatever it is you saw.

2. Start To Compare Yourself to Unrealistic Beauty Norms


Hey look at this tanned model posing in a bikini, the feeling when you know you will never look like this and you also skipped the gym this afternoon so you feel extra guilty.

3. You Get The Sudden Urge to travel


It’s not rare to see posts of beautiful vacation destinations in your Instagram feed, especially when your friend is in Mexico flaunting themselves, drinking a margarita and lying on the beach, you look around you’re over work and the rain, its time to go on vacation.

4. Have This Unexpected Discontent with the Life You’re Living

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After scrolling through Instagram you take a moment to really look at the life you are living, you realize that you are not headed in the direction you intended, Instagram makes you question everything.

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