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    You Get A Book Recommendation! You Get A Book Recommendation! Favorite Holiday Reads From Our Best Book Friends

    We took ten of our book friends’ recommendations, channeled the Mistress of Book Clubs and Favorite Things and compiled a list of their favorite holiday books. Get ready to have your stockings stuffed with all kinds of sweet and spicy romance reads for the winter season.

    Aussie Hockey’s Favorite Holiday Reads

    Mandy Baggot/Lee Kilraine/Sawyer Bennett / Via

    This book friend from Down Under may celebrate her Christmas season with sun and fun, but these recommendations should warm your days and nights.

    One Christmas Kiss in Notting Hill by Mandy Baggot

    “This book paints pictures with words and the author describes London and all its quirky places and residents so well, I loved the story and the characters. This book features a single dad with an adorable little girl and a hormonal teenager. It will make you laugh and feel like you know the characters. Christmas is a magical time of year and this is a magical tale. I loved it.”

    Wanted: Mom for Christmas by Lee Kilraine

    “This book is a true love story with the magic of Christmas and Santa lending a helping hand, and it features a single dad. A new author to me and I loved this story”

    Love Uncivilized by Sawyer Bennett

    “This novella is full of love, passion and steaming hot sex with some bumps along the way. What can I say but you rocked it Sawyer Bennett.”

    Bay Lover’s Favorite Holiday Reads

    Hilaria Alexander/Kate Canterbary/Beth Ehemann/Alexia Riley/Julia Goda / Via

    Whether skating across the icy paths of New England or through the shelves of e-Retailers, this book friend loves the season when authors deliver the best in winter holiday tales.

    Love, Snow and Mistletoe by Hilaria Alexander, Alexandra Bishop, Megan Green, DB James, Zeia Jameson, Jennifer Rebecca and Rachel Renee

    “My favorite was A Scottish Christmas by Hilaria Alexander that follows Sam & Hugh from her book Lost in Scotland!"

    Thresholds by Kate Canterbary

    “What an amazing surprise Holiday gift from Kate Canterbary! Thresholds is everything we love of The Walshes and more. The growls, dirty, DIRTY talk, sibling squabbles, love and family bonds.”

    A Cranberry Inn Christmas by Beth Ehemann

    “A Cranberry Inn Christmas is a touching conclusion to the Cranberry Inn series. It gives us a chance to reconnect and ties up some loose ends for us. I adore this story, this series, this author!!”

    Stealing Christmas by Alexa Riley

    “I love how sweet Winter is and how caring Nicholas is. Winter is happy just knowing she can put a smile on Nic's face and he will do anything to show Winter how much he loves her.”

    Daxton: A Scrooged Christmas by Julia Goda

    “Daxton is a really entertaining and enjoyable holiday story. Definitely worth the read!”

    Bookshelf Buster’s Favorite Holiday Reads

    Toni Aleo/Emma Chase / Via

    This sassy southern doesn’t know when to stop when filling the bookshelves with delightful reads. She’s packed her bags and made sure to deliver the best in holiday romance.

    A Very Merry Hockey Holiday by Toni Aleo

    “You get an update on every couple. In true Assassins style you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and be so freakin’ happy!!”

    It's a Wonderful Tangled Christmas Carol by Emma Chase

    “If you loved Tangled like I did, then you have to read this novella that features Drew experiencing what life would be like would be like without Kate. A reminder to be thankful for the gift of love.”

    Fabulous FanGirl’s Favorite Holiday Reads

    Shari J Ryan/Emma Chase / Via

    This book friend may hail from the shore but when it comes to book recommendations, she is ready in a New York minute. And her holiday suggestions are not miscalculations for your e-Reader.

    It's a Wonderful Tangled Christmas Carol by Emma Chase

    “If you’re a fan of Drew Evans from Tangled, then you’ll love this cute and hilarious holiday novella. What’s not to love when an overworked Drew falls asleep and has some hilarious and raunchy dreams?? Can’t get enough of his always entertaining POV!”

    White Midnight by Shari J. Ryan

    “Such a cute novella of a couple that meets during a blizzard over Christmas break at college.”

    Fashion Forward Teacher’s Favorite Holiday Reads

    Kristen Proby/Jessica Lemmon/Carol and Mary Higgins Clark / Via

    Whether she’s shaping young minds or shaping the look of our e-Readers, this book friend will always suggest a story that warms the heart with a guaranteed HEA.

    Under the Mistletoe with You by Kristen Proby

    “I LOVE that she takes you inside the world of an already married Isaac and Stacy.”

    A Bad Boy for Christmas by Jessica Lemmon

    “Connor is trying to navigate his post-military life the best he can, and Faith is tired of cheating men and drama. Together they're a match made in heaven.”

    The Christmas Thief by Carol Higgins Clark and Mary Higgins Clark

    “The premise of the story is that there are jewels hidden in the tree chosen to be the Rockefeller Center tree. Throw in a PI, her detective fiancé, mystery writer mom, amateur sleuth (and lottery winning) friends, and it’s nothing short of a blast.”

    Glitter Gulch Queen’s Favorite Holiday Reads

    Beth Ehemann/Tara Sivec / Via

    All the lights and sounds of Sin City may outshine the largest holiday display. However, this book friend finds that holiday reads are well worth the gamble.

    A Cranberry Inn Christmas by Beth Ehemann

    “I loved A Cranberry Inn Christmas, it was so cool to catch up with the whole gang!!!”

    The Stocking was Hung by Tara Sivec

    “I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in all my life. This novella was the perfect Christmas Eve read. It was like The Christmas Story on crack, a must read in my opinion! It sure made me feel better about Holidays with my crazy tribe!”

    Sassy Southern’s Favorite Holiday Reads

    Tijan/Sawyer Bennett/B. Cranford / Via

    Don’t let this lovely lady fool you with her warmth and charm. When she finds a story she loves, she’ll hold your feet to the yule log fire until you download to your e-Reader.

    A Crazy Christmas by B. Cranford

    "A Crazy Christmas by B. Cranford was just what Santa ordered! I love that Cranford makes her characters not only relatable, but does so with just enough sass and humor to have you laughing out loud."

    The holidays can be a very stressful time of year, and A Crazy Christmas reminds us that the end of the day ... love and family and are what matters!"

    Love Uncivilized by Sawyer Bennett

    “This novella will hold you completely captivated. It's real, it's raw, and it's smoking hot!!! The perfect read to get you in the Christmas spirit and steam up your holidays !!!”

    Fallen Crest Christmas by Tijan

    “Fallen Crest Christmas by Tijan has all the feels with a dash of angst. I love her Fallen Crest series and she doesn’t fail to give you enough Merry to put you in the Christmas spirit.”

    Snarky Aussie’s Favorite Holiday Reads

    No matter which side of the equator this book friend lands, their book suggestions are always on course for a fantastic, engaging read. When asked for holiday titles, she sleighs the recommendations.

    Frozen by LA Casey

    “It's been a few years now since I read it, but I loved this one from LA Casey. It's a really well done enemies-to-lovers romance that involves a little trickery, a handful of shenanigans and a sprinkle of Christmas cheer. Super cute!”

    Snowbound At Christmas by Jennifer Ryan/Lia Riley/Maisey Yates

    “You KNOW I can't turn away from a cowboy and a cowboy at Christmastime is like Kindle Crack. Snowbound at Christmas is three novellas from three of my favorite authors, all revolving around being, you guessed it, Snowbound at Christmas. The stories are sexy AF, a perfect holiday mix of naughty and nice and HIGHLY recommended.”

    Unwrapping Her Perfect Match by Kat Latham

    “I ADORE, LOVE, CRAVE MORE OF this series from Kat Latham, and this Christmas novella was just the right amount of words to satisfy me. Unwrapping Her Christmas Match is a novella I've read multiple times (like I have the entire series, TBH) and I loved the meet-cute, the way Little John wanted to connect with Gwen and his daughter, the way their romance just spills from the pages. An absolute fave.”

    The Christmas Cowboy Hero by Donna Grant

    “Okay, I mentioned that Christmastime cowboys are my jam, so here's another one for you—and it's a NEW RELEASE! The Christmas Cowboy Hero by Donna Grant was damn near perfection for me. It was the exact book I wanted *and* needed it to be, and it made all my Christmas wishes come true, save for one—why can't *I* have a cowboy for Christmas?”

    Thresholds by Kate Canterbary

    “What can I say about this book? I devoured it and haven't been able to read anything since because I cannot get its perfection out of my mind. It's everything a Walsh book should be and more.”

    The Instigator’s Favorite Holiday Reads

    Diane Moody/B. Cranford / Via

    This book friend may just be saving the population from un-fun and dull holiday reads. These books are sure to warm any needy heart.

    Blue Christmas by Diane Moody

    “It’s one of my favorite rock star Christmas books. I’ve read it the last few years. It has a sweet story with some suspense and some action.”

    A Crazy Christmas by B. Cranford

    “It’s soooooo good. But I also am super partial to all the amazing things that are B. Cranford.”

    My Own Bookshelves’ Favorite Holiday Reads

    Kate Canterbary/Sawyer Bennett/Nicole Edwards/B. Cranford/Katy Regnery / Via

    When asked for favorite holiday reads by a book friend, I arose with such a clatter that my own bookshelves collapsed with a splatter. The Brain Trust implored me to narrow it down, and did so with a frightful frown. But here are a few of my holiday favorites and I hope you read and savor it.

    Countdown to Midnight by Katy Regnery

    “She writes without raking me over the angst and delivers a HEA I need. But for me, I tend to grade novellas on a harsher curve. It's difficult to deliver a complete for me, and I hate feeling abandoned if I can't continue on quickly. However, this gem ticks off every necessary box I require. Never rushed to completion, understood the characters, some witty mixed with sweet banter - this story delivered it all.

    Thresholds by Kate Canterbary

    “Readers get the full holiday treatment of what only a Walsh Family Christmas can be. We hear from all our favorite family members and then some. Kate Canterbary is an amazing storyteller. Her voice carries the novel with multiple POVs as the reader is watching each day unfold. You stayed glued to the screen and lost in their world- happily.”

    If I Return by Sawyer Bennett

    “This has to be one of the sweetest holiday stories I've ever read. It's a short story but this author really makes it complete and leaves the reader satisfied. Characters are all great, you can't help but to fall in love with this story.”

    A Crazy Christmas by B. Cranford

    “I love, LOVE that we return to these four characters to see what happens after their HEA’s. Ms. Cranford delivers not only a story with swoonworthy moments, but has heart to it. She is a debut author I will devour time and time again.”

    Holidays with the Walker Brothers by Nicole Edwards

    “The Walker Brothers are without a doubt my favorite of all her series. They are funny and so invested in family. What are the holidays without a great mix of both?! This is one addition to the series that any fan will not want to miss.”

    Plus all the ones mentioned in the above lists…I couldn’t risk coal in my stocking by not keeping the list within reason.

    Yes, Virginia there are plenty of holiday romance to go around... / Via

    Our book friends have been making their lists and checking them twice to come up with the best to stuff your e-Readers. Did we miss any holiday romance yule to warm your winter nights? Drop those recommendations in the comments!

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