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    Reboot: Romance With A Second Chance Part Two

    We discovered that our book friends go for broke over this trope. We couldn’t leave these couples to gamble their fate or leave you at risk of missing the good fortune of experiencing their second chance. As luck would have it, here is the second half of 13 stories about love and lust getting another try.

    Paper Hearts (Hearts series) by Claire Contreras

    Okay Creations / Via

    They say the camera does not lie. If that’s true, hopefully these star-crossed lovers will find their way out of the dark room and into the light of love.

    “I felt EVERYTHING with this book. Mia's heartbreak and Jensen's impossible choice. How do you regret something that gave you the very best thing in your life? At what point is the sacrifice too great? I feel like the author really gives us the opportunity to see this situation from both sides. We really get to know and love these two characters and it's both heartbreaking and healing to watch them fight for their second chance.”

    - Desert Bookworm

    Agreed! Out of the whole series this one stuck with me the most. And frankly, my sympathy did not lie with Jensen!”

    - Travel Via Stories

    Published 09/09/2015

    The Fable Of Us by Nicole Williams

    Paper and Sage Designs / Via

    Sometimes you get left, then you learn maybe you do the leaving. Can our second-time-around lovers beat the odds and win at love against traditional southern ideals?

    “This book had everything I love in a good romance novel - it had angst, lots of emotional scenes, but it also got me laughing over the course of it. Clara and Boone made me fall in love with their love story; they felt real, and their relationship is something that all of us might go through at one point or another.”

    - Teacher By Day

    Published 02/02/2016

    RoomHate by Penelope Ward

    RBA Designs / Via

    Inherit a house and, along with it, a past heartbreak. They say there is a fine line between love and hate. Let’s see if these two can stay on one side of the line… and the house.

    “ROOMHATE is a sweet second chance romance with a bit of a twist. A story that shows you love knows no limits; to truly love you need to accept everything and everyone in their life and not only does this story show you that but goes so far beyond that it also melts your heart. Actions mean everything and boy does this book deliver that”

    - Bean Town Patriot

    “It's got everything. Heart, heat, and a past to overcome.”

    - Fishing Guide

    Published 02/14/2016

    A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole

    Hang Le / Via

    You find your soul mate at age five—who is wise enough to recognize that? But life is funny and, at seventeen, you may just get that chance to discover it again…

    “As for that book, personally it is the kind of subject I would react to the most - when kids/teens get hurt or wronged. And if I want to sell the book to people I'd say it is a story of innocent love and making up for lost time”

    - The Darker The Better

    “This is a YA book but it packs an emotional punch like no other. The beautiful love story between Rune and his Poppymine will go down as one of best ugly cry books I have ever read.”

    - Shots and Pages

    Published 03/13/2016

    Stoned (A Wrecked novel) by Mandi Beck

    Mandi Beck / Via

    It’s all sex, drugs and rock & roll until someone’s heart is on the line. And this time, that heart doesn’t belong to the heroine.

    “I haven't read too many books that made me want to throw my kindle on the ground and jump on it, but this one did. Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore a devastating twist in the story brought it full circle and if possible made me love this couple even more! If a romance novel is meant to evoke all our emotions Mandi Beck knocked this one out of the park”

    - Glitter Gulch Queen

    “I second Stoned - you see the hero redeem himself in more ways than one and then fight for the love he knew better than to lose.”

    - Late Night Reader

    Published 07/11/2016

    The Do-Over by Julie Richman

    Jena Brignola / Via

    Dating apps are the wave of the future. Only one problem with using them: what happens when the one that got away is suddenly your next potential date?

    “Loved the chemistry as well as the growth and development of the characters. Plus it's about a subject that's close to my heart.

    - Sizzle Tits

    Published 01/24/2017

    Possession (Avenues Ink series) by A.M. Johnson

    Mary Ruth / Via

    What if you could bring color back to your life and find the ‘One’ again? Finding forgiveness amongst the strokes of a brush isn’t always as easy as paint by numbers.

    “This book deals with mental illness and depression using art as a healing tool. Such a unique reading experience written by an author who is sure to become a favorite in the book world. Mark my words so I can say "I told you so."”

    - Too Hot for Vegas

    “Honestly, what I loved most about Possession (haven't read Kingdom yet), is that it gave me a real, true, honest look at the gritty part of life; at the parts we aren't proud of, and the parts we want to run away from or sweep under the rug. It exposed those painful parts, and celebrated them in their humanity. It was an incredible read for me, on many levels. One of my top 10 (so far) of 2017.”

    - Ghost Hunter

    Published 02/14/2017

    Honorable Mention by AM Johnson:


    Grip by Kennedy Ryan

    Maripili Graphic Design / Via

    A hero that manages the careers of others gets a failing grade in managing his heart. He just needs to figure out how to produce the best spin to keep a GRIP on the girl of his dreams.

    “I voted for Grip. This book is FANTASTIC. It examines the bias that interracial couples face and also the racial bias within our communities... it has such a powerful message wrapped within a stunning love story of two people from two different worlds. I can't recommend it enough!”

    - Reposado and Romance

    “Flow and Grip by Kennedy Ryan. This book is absolutely amazing. You can find Flow inside of Grip... it is the prequel, but you can also get Flow for free in case you want to check it out before committing. I highly recommend that you commit to this one. This is an interracial romance and Kennedy Ryan does not stray from the tough issues facing these two!! I loved it. Totally 5 star read. I wish I could give it a 10!!”

    - Equal Judgment

    “One - you see the dedication of the hero to fix his mistake and win her back. Two - it's an eye opening book about racial dynamics that isn't preachy.

    - Late Night Reader

    “I second this!! Kennedy Ryan is the queen of slow burn. Amazing story!”

    - Fabulous Fangirl

    Published 03/02/2017

    Cole (Bachelors of the Ridge series) by Karla Sorenson

    Najla Qamber Designs / Via

    Handsome divorced man hooks up with a gorgeous divorcee in the beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. The only problem is they were once married to each other.

    “Cole and Julia weren't just lovers - they were married. They fight their way back from hurt and betrayal to find their happily ever after.”

    - Fashion Forward Teacher

    “Oh, yes. I LOVED this book, and was just talking to someone about how well written, emotional and wonderful it was.”

    - Not a Bored Panda

    Published 03/22/2017

    Ain’t He Precious (Sex and Sweet Tea series) by Juliette Poe

    Juliette Poe / Via

    You’ve graduated at the top of your class in law school. However, a failure to negotiate may leave you wanting to appeal that decision a few years down the road.

    "My favorite part about the trope is normally this isn't easy. And Juliette Poe hits this outta the park with sweet and funny. I loved how fish out of water Ryland was and yet willing to adapt. However, this is a story where the secondary characters DEFINITELY stole the show.”

    - Serious Serial Referee

    “That is a great book. Quick, sweet and funny, with a dash of small-town charm.”

    - Snarky Aussie

    Published 04/11/2017

    The Boy Next Door: A Standalone Off Limits Romance by Ella James

    Ella James / Via

    Can the kid used you for target practice during dodge ball turn out to be the love of your life? Who said all was fair when love is on the line?!

    “It's a bit of back and forth between present and past. I'm not usually a fan of lots of angst, but this book is so well done. I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happened, how they got where they were, and what was going to happen next.”

    - #1 Braves Fan

    Published 05/08/2017

    Easy Fortune (The Boudreaux series) by Kristen Proby

    Okay Creations / Via

    Relatives can be oh so meddling at times. It’s even worse when it is the dead ones.

    “A novella set in the Boudreaux series world. Young love and bad decisions lead to a treasure hunt of epic proportions.”

    - Fashion Forward Teacher

    Published 05/29/2017

    Personal Favorite and New Debut Author: The Brightest Star by B Cranford

    Mila Grayson / Via

    We play games with our hearts. When the one who broke it comes back to ask for a second chance, is it worth the gamble?

    “Brightest Star is a story of love... but it's also a story of truth. People are imperfect. We screw up. We hurt each other. Sometimes we break. Brighton and Sebastian had an epic love at first sight story. They were living their dreams... until poor choices and a secret tears them apart. Can an epic love like theirs heal after betrayal? I love this story. The characters are so... realistic. I feel like I know them; like we have sat at Panera laughing together.”

    - The Instigator

    “The Brightest Star is one of those books that sneaks up on you. You start turning the pages and all of a sudden you realize you are hooked. Sebastian & Brighton are two of the most compelling characters I've read in ages. This debut is a must read! Absolutely outstanding!”

    - Sassy Southern

    “Both her mum and I said it was F*cking Brilliant. Okay, I used the adjective in the prior sentence. But never has a debut book touched my soul and I felt was beautifully written. This is a #mustread for 2017 recommendation from me.”

    - My Own Bookshelves

    Published 07/13/2017

    Time to give our Book Friends a Second Chance too / Via

    Sometimes love is so much sweeter the second time around. Our book friends are so in love with this storyline that we should have your TBRs filled with this two part list. But maybe we didn’t risk enough to give our BuzzFeed friends more... If you think so, then drop your favorite second chance romance stories in the comments!

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