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    Ménage Mania: Is Three Really A Crowd?

    Three is never an odd number when it comes to these recommendations from our book friends. No table for two here. Set your reservation for another ‘plus one’. On the menu is a healthy serving of alphabet soup featuring multiple uses of the letters M and F. With these 19 tales, you’ll learn a trio is the perfect sized party.

    Hard Candy by Angela Knight, Sheri Gilmore and Morgan Hawke

    April Martinez / Via

    If you feel the need to see what the future holds for ménage relationships, jet off and grab this anthology. If you like space odyssey, demons or good old-fashioned comic book heroes, you’ll find your future read here.

    “This book is an anthology with three worthy stories but my favorite is Candy for Her Soul by Sheri Gilmore. This story revolves around a young woman and two young men who knew each other in high school and reconnect as adults. They are assisted in this by a demon/devil who, unbeknownst to them, is father to one of the men. He just wants his son to be happy. Fortunes Star is part of an anthology and has a sci-fi theme. I love this story and have reread it many times. The action primarily takes place on a space station where the main character, Luxi has a stopover. There she meets two men who change the direction of her life.”

    - Readhead

    Published 06/20/2005

    Laid Bare (A Brown Family Novel) by Lauren Dane

    Lauren Dane/Penguin Books / Via

    Here are my wrists, Officer. Go ahead and cuff me, especially if that hot man over there is here to make sure I’m securely fastened. Our book friends just love a man who enforces the rules when it comes to ménage.

    “Laid Bare by Lauren Dane is my all-time fav triad read—M/M/F—it's what got me started reading erotica (BDSM/Triad etc.)— the three of them siiiiiigh. ”

    - Thumper’s Bestie

    Published 08/04/2009

    Menage (Black Lace) by Emma Holly

    Emma Holly / Via

    Own a romance book store (don’t we wish) then be careful what you find in YOUR bed unexpectedly. Especially when it comes in the form of your two flat mates you’ve been fantasizing about. When you discover dreams can come true, do you have what is needed to hold all three pieces together?

    “I loved this book because I could genuinely feel the emotion of the characters. The sex was hot but the relationship itself was my focus when reading.”

    - Travel via Pages

    “This is a MMF ménage story with a 30 something divorced woman who rents rooms to two young men who turn out to be closer than she thought. This is good piece of erotica with a HEA.”

    - ReadHead

    Published 02/23/2010

    Honorable Mentions:

    The Assassins Lover

    Demons Fire

    The Billionaire Bad Boy Club

    A Table For Three (New York series) by Lainey Reese

    Amanda Kelsey / Via

    Did you say dinner with a side of steamy, hot sex was on the menu? Then we are going to pull up a chair and wait to be served. Add in a dash of suspense and our book friends were sold on this novel.

    “I've reread it at least 5 times. The characters are captivating and I love the added element of suspense. What's better than one alpha male who wants to protect you? TWO!”

    - Fashion Forward Teacher

    “A Table for Three by Lainey Reese is and oldie but goodie. Reese captures seduction, romance, friendship, and love all in one.”

    - Sassy Southerner

    Published 02/01/2011

    The Men With The Golden Cuffs (Masters and Mercenaries series) by Lexi Blake

    DLZ Entertainment / Via

    Please queue Whitney Houston up on your playlist because these two HOT bodyguards do more than dissuade a stalker. It’s all fun and games until the cuffs come out and then… we will submit to their arresting behavior.

    “Have you read the Masters and Mercenaries series? It's one of my all-time fav secret loves. I'd never tell my non-book friends about it, but I devour every book and spin off the second they are released. Ex Special Forces alpha men working security firm/BDSM club with strong women... This one... Adam and Jake are tasked with protecting Serena who is a romance author (who writes ménage) with a stalker. They read her books, dominate her and end up in HEA.”

    - Page Prescriber

    Published 05/26/2012

    Sharing Hailey (Lovers and Friends series) by Samantha Ann King

    Samantha Ann King / Via

    Beautiful beaches of Hawaii beckon you to take pleasure in the warm waters. What a better way to take a good, long, wet dip than with two men. These hotties definitely have more than swim lessons in mind.

    “Don't get me wrong, there is sex involved, but there is just something sweet about the relationship in this book. It is M/F/M—two men who fall in love with their best friend's little sister, and rather than make her choose between them, they propose sharing her. I think it was meant to be a standalone, but eventually the author wrote about other characters in the book. The second book is M/M, the third is M/F/M. ”

    - Great Dame

    Published 07/09/2012

    Double Time (Sinners on Tour series) by Olivia Cunning

    April Martinez / Via

    When rock guitar gods meet on the stage of lust and love, what will help finish the final bridge? This heroine is a badass but when she hears the call of her past strike up a cord, she can’t give up her current muse. This isn’t a solo or duet act, these three are what make music sexy.

    “It's book 5 in a great series and how the series tackles Trey and his love for both men and women. His struggle to be faithful to one person then to find the solution in a ménage. Just a wonderful read”

    - Book Hoarder

    Published 11/06/2012

    Darthmouth Cobra Hockey Team series by Bianca Sommerland

    Bianca Sommerland / Via

    Here is the series that our book friends were hard pressed to pass the puck on. We had to put a few in the sin bin for them to narrow it down to favorite. What was final score? All the books in the series are best in ménage relationships—plus Hockey MEN!

    “Well, Breakaway holds my ultimate book boyfriend Luke Carter... Breakaway is the third book in the series and it tells the story of Uber Dom Sebastian Ramos, Luke Carter and Jami Richter. This book is about recognizing who you are, acceptance across the board, finding love in a place or with a person you never expected. It is sweet, heartbreaking, swoonworthy and hot AF. This is my ultimate ménage book and I read it at least twice if not more a year.”

    - Shots and Pages

    “Yes, the emotional journey through this series just gets better and better. Every book in my opinion was better than the last. Offsides by Bianca Sommerland. I choose this book because not only is it smoking hot with a side of kink, it's also a perfect example of love conquering all. It is full of heart and healing and the work it takes any relationship to make it, but most especially a polyamorous relationship. ”

    - Glitter Gulch Queen

    “I guess if I had to choose it would be Game Misconduct just because it's the first one I read & it got me hooked.

    - Sassy Southerner

    Box Set One Published 02/27/2013

    Take What You Want (The Rock Gods series) by Ann Lister

    Kari Ayasha / Via

    Our hero was ready for much needed break from the music world life. He was hoping to find within himself new music to bring his band the right sound. What he wasn’t expecting was to find the music of love in an unexpected place.

    “It’s a book that not only deals with the controversy of a M/M/F relationship, but also deals with the emotions involved. It does a good job of one of the males coming to terms with being attracted to another guy, but also how it’s possible to have romantic love for two people at the same time. It also touches on the subjects of raising a family in the M/M/F relationship. Phenomenal book (and series!)”

    - Hilly Lost in Pages

    Published 10/26/2013

    Travis (Alluring Indulgence series) by Nicole Edwards

    Nicole Edwards / Via

    This was hands down every #fangirls favorite when you mention ménage. It not only has two alpha males that make your heart swoon and thighs clench, but a sassy, take-no-sh*t heroine who knows when to throw the hammer down. Nicole Edwards’ catalog of stories offers the BEST in ménage, but this one will always be a number one in the hearts of our book friends.

    “The vulnerability of two strong men falling for each other and for their woman at the same time. It wasn't an easy fall for any of them but was beautiful when they finally opened themselves up to the love. The sex was incredibly hot as well!”

    - CEnriched

    “This book has it all M/M, M/F, M/M/F. It had me hooked from the beginning, it was so hot.”

    - Jods

    “The first ménage that I read from this author and it blew me away.”

    - Poe

    “By far one of my FAVORITE ménage relationship stories. And it wasn’t just the sexy times—I mean, they are HOT! But the balance of the relationship, making sure one person doesn’t feel like they’re ‘lesser’ in the relationship. All I’m saying is Kylie was one lucky girl to have the love and attention of those two alpha males.”

    -My Own Bookshelves

    “One of my favorites!! *sigh* I think I need to add a re-read to my never-ending TBR”

    - Folded Pages

    “Oh. Fuck yes, this! All the ménage ones in this series, actually.”

    - Snarky Aussie

    “My first ménage and I never looked back. Emotional, and seriously hot.”

    - Little Lamb Reader

    “The story will pull you in almost instantly and keep you reading, you know the kind of sneaking moments in whenever you can kind of reading.”

    - Puck Mom

    Published 08/26/2014

    Love Slave For Two Collection by Tymber Dalton

    Tymber Dalton/Siren Publishing / Via

    Sometimes you have to take a risk and move to a new place to finally find what you are looking for. Our heroes find a loving and strong bind that fills the missing part in their lives. That’s until their own version of Cinderella pops out of her pumpkin to define what family can be.

    “This is part of a series that covers a wide range of situations that the three live through. You can go from laughter to tears several times in each book. There are currently 4 books to the series with a 5th one in the works. There is a lot of love.”

    - Real Life Love Slave

    Published 03/09/2015

    Honorable Mentions:

    Safe Harbor

    The Reluctant Dom

    More Than Everything (Family Collection) by Cardeno C.

    Jay Aheer / Via

    When faced with the one that moved on from your past and the one that recently broke your heart together, devastating isn’t a strong enough word. Can these two men dance back into the heart of the one they want and make a complete relationship beyond what any of them imagined? Our book friends loved this tender and heartwarming journey.

    “This book pulled me right into it and right out of a book funk. From the moment I opened the book Charlie’s voice pulled me right in as he takes the reader on a journey as he scrapbooks his life. Yes, this is a ménage; a M/M/M. I don’t read many in this genre but let me say this one was amazing, so well done; the end truly really was perfect for these three men.”

    - Puck Mom

    Published 10/14/2015

    Rough, Raw And Ready (Rough Riders series) by Lorelei James

    Meredith Blair / Via

    Falling hat over boot heels in love with not one but two people was not what one of our heroes ever imagined. However, they rope together the love of the past and current into one passionate knot.

    “This is a book about coming into your own self and accepting who you are. I love how the book shows you can't help who you fall in love with!”

    - KimmyReads

    Published 11/10/2015

    69 Bottles box set by Zoey Derrick

    Zoey Derrick / Via

    It’s Friday night and you are not in the mood to rock the nearest music venue. Is Netflix and chill on the agenda? Nah! Not when you have these six full-length novels heating up your e-Readers and firing up your vibrator.

    Wowzers. This series was off-the-charts smoking.

    - Little Lamb Reader

    “I loved that it had a strong female character, two hot men that were able to show her and each other that they were loved for being them. None of them were perfect, they each had issues but together they were able to overcome the obstacles that they were putting in front of themselves. You could "feel" the emotions of everyone involved. Did I mention hot??”

    - Folded Pages

    “69 bottles set my panties on fire and hid the extinguisher.”

    - Wine Tasting is my Second Job

    Published 01/16/2016

    Beneath The Vine by Lillian Bryant

    Francesca Webster / Via

    Sometimes the sweetest grape doesn’t come from a single source. When love is worth tasting, our heroine falls into a vat of emotional bliss at the hands of two men with their own past. Our book friends drank up this sinful serving of ménage action.

    “It's a scorching hot page-turner with twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat. It's pure book crack, I couldn't put it down and my slow-reading self read it in 24 hours!”

    - Fabulous Fangirl

    “Two old friends who are used to sharing, and a shy cellist make up this unlikely threesome. Super HOT amazing story filled with suspense, this book popped my ménage cherry and did not disappoint. I didn't know what to expect going in, but ended up loving and reading it in one sitting.”

    - Too Hot for Vegas

    Published 03/20/2016

    American Queen and American Prince by Sierra Simone

    Hang Le / Via

    You never thought politics could be oh-so-sexy. Well, these stories were the talk of carnal pleasure with intrigue and deceit that had our book friends stuffing the ballot box for this set of books. Get ready to storm ‘Camelot’ for this sexy and raw ride.

    “The connections between the three characters is deep, developed. The physical intimacy of all three is written so visual and emotional.”

    - CoffeeLover

    “Holy shit. This book. There's a second one out, American Prince, but I haven't read it yet. American Queen is my all-time favorite M/M/F read because all the characters truly love each other... not to mention, one of them is the President of the US. Yep. Yep. It's freaking amazing. There's political intrigue, wealth and glitz, war stories, and true love. This book gave me every feel possible, and I highly recommend! It ends with a cliffy so make sure you have book two ready to read!"

    - Ghost Hunter

    “This series has to be my favorite!!! I can't get enough of Sierra Simone's writing! Hot enough to melt an e-reader, it's a story with so many facets and twists that you will get something new in reread after reread!!!”

    - Bay Lover

    “Had my first hands free orgasm reading American Queen. No lie. Well, except for the little hyperbole.”

    - Wine Tasting is my Second Job

    Published 10/24/2016

    Rule Of Three series by Kelly Jamieson

    Scott Carpenter / Via

    Is this what happens when really good girl wants to be just a little bad? She doesn’t have the attention of just one man but also his watchful former college buddy, as they take her for a sharp turn into lustful attraction.

    “The three characters start as friends and then turn to lovers. Just a great story”

    - Late Night Reader

    “Rule of three by Kelly Jamieson. A girl looking for adventure, a good guy and a guy who likes to watch. This is the perfect combination of good and bad rolled into one sexy package. Kelly delivers the sensuality and the trials and tribulations of a ménage relationship.”

    - Cuban Capo

    Dang!!! A Rule of Three is epic that scene, the fight… Wow.”

    - Puck Mom

    Published 03/18/2017

    Going Commando (Heathens Ink series) by KM Neuhold

    Inked Designs / Via

    It never seems to work out for heroes when they have fallen in love with their straight best friend... Unless of course they meet a hot AF marine who turns their heads. Then it’s time for each one to march into a relationship they never saw coming.

    “Guy in love with his best friend who is straight. Meets a new guy and best friend gets jealous. New guy is into polyamory so they all get together have hot man on man on man sex and fall in love.”

    - Tanz

    Published 06/01/2017

    Complicated Hearts Part 1 by Ashley Jade

    Ashley Jade / Via

    She is the beautiful rhythm of his life’s song, while he is the guiding melody. Nothing is ever easy when you try to harness the music of love and lust of not one person but two. Things are definitely going to be complicated.

    “Beautiful, intriguing, hot, complicated...”

    - Keep Reading Real

    Published 06/06/2017

    In case these 19 Top Recommendations were not enough...

    Sam JD Hunt, Elle Kennedy, Nikki Sloane, Amelia LeFay, Shayla Black/Lexi Blake / Via

    We received such an avalanche of book recommendations that it took us some time to sort through the aftermath. Our book friends felt these six stories deserved a mention to our BuzzFeed readers.

    Taken by Two/Torn By Two by Sam D Hunt

    Their Virgin Concubine by Shayla Black

    The Anatomy of Jane by Amelia LeFay

    Hotter Than Ever by Elle Kennedy

    Three Simple Rules by Nikki Sloane

    Have we convinced you odd man isn’t always out?

    gif by fiercelynormal / Via

    These are the stories that our book friends found to be the perfect triad of romance: sensual, steamy and sultry. Now it’s time for you to embrace your spare and make it a permanent three-wheeler. Gather your favorite ménage romance and add it to the comments!

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