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    Love On The Brain: Smart Romance For Geek Lovers

    Do you find yourself lost when someone uses the word ‘Wi-Fi’? However, D0 j00Z L1|<3 b00|<5 7|-|@ r 5/\/\4R7 r34D5? / do you like books that are smart reads /? We have decoded and hacked the best romance reads from our book friends featuring nerds hot enough to overheat your hard drive. This week’s list of 20 stories highlight some of the sexiest geeks around.

    Smooth Talking Stranger (Travis series) by Lisa Kleypas

    St Martin’s Press / Via

    Dear Abby never had it this easy. When an advice columnist has to figure out how to charm a charmer, it’s not all paternity tests that our hearts have to score on.

    “This could be considered a billionaire romance as well, but for me it's the relatable story of how a nerdy advice columnist fell in love with a man full of money not for what he could provide but for how he behaved around her.”

    - Teacher by Day

    Published 03/31/2009

    Theory Of Attraction (The Science of Temptation series) by Delphine Dryden

    Delphine Dryden / Via

    Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you really that happy to see me? Our heroine learns that love isn’t all rocket science when trying to grab the attention of her hot neighbor.

    “Ivan is a rocket scientist, who I believe has undiagnosed Asperger’s/Mild ASD. I pictured a cross of Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds and Sheldon from BBT while I was reading it. I found it flirty, fun, and sexy. It's one that really stuck with me, it's not super emotional or angsty, but just two people trying to navigate something new with obstacles.”

    - Reading in ALL caps

    “Oh, Lordy! I LOVE Delphine Dryden's Science of Temptation series. Sooooo good! There are two more, but this is the best. Her Truth and Lies series also has college professor geeks. Damn good stories!!”

    - Books & Open Road

    Published 07/09/2012

    Breathe (Colorado Mountain series) by Kristen Ashley

    Kristen Ashley / Via

    As our heroine combs the stacks of her beloved job, she never imagines that one of her chance encounters in the woods will turn into a real life find. This hero will exceed any she could have dreamt of.

    “It's such a sweet KA book, nerdy librarian heroine falls for the widowed police officer and chaos ensures. A book about taking chances, forgiveness and letting go of the past, that in typical KA way is spiced up with suspense and lots of steamy scenes.”

    - Spiritual Walker

    Published 12/11/2012

    Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting In The City series) by Penny Reid

    Penny Reid / Via

    Hands down when we asked our book friends for geeks – Penny Reid’s characters were all mentioned. She is the queen of ‘smart romance’. And what better recommendation than to give you than where her assent to the throne began?

    “All so damn good!! I wish I could put into words why I think they are good, but I'm no good at that (hence why I don't normally leave reviews). They just draw me in with incredible writing, believable characters and story development.”

    - Books & Open Road

    "Way back when, I cruised Amazon for recommendations. I was getting tired of the same old bodice ripping and orgasms. I wanted entertaining. I wanted laughs. I want smart. Damn was I forever lucky on my stumble to Penny Reid. She fits the bill every time and why it will be one of my 'go-to's' without fail. Janie - the queen of TMTI - and sexy AF Quinn - yep - their story will have a place in my romantic heart and brain always."

    - My Own Bookshelves

    Honorable Mentions:
    Love Hacked

    “Geeky inexperienced hero falls for a more 'seasoned' heroine. Their story is full of humorous banter, tries at getting hot in the sheets, but most importantly love."

    - Spiritual Walker


    “This a smart, funny romance that is also very emotional. I really connected with the heroine Marie in this story so I felt like I was feeling everything she felt. And the hero Matt is a nerd who builds robots!"

    - Warrior Nurse

    Published 03/14/2013

    The Billionaire’s Obsession (The Billionaire’s Obsession series) by JS Scott

    JS Scott / Via

    Life cannot be played too perfect like a computerized game. Our hero never wants to leave his world… until that one woman who can tempt him to step away from the monitor.

    “It's the first story in this series, Simon's Story. Simon is a recluse who is more at home behind his computer screen, but he can't stop watching Kara. An overworked nursing student who seems to have no one to look after her, and Simon wants to devour her and make her his. I read this back in 2013 and can still remember the chills I had and reading this story. The characters are both so well defined and reclusive Computer Geek Simon is way more than meets the eye! Scorching good fun.”

    - Sassy Southern

    “This is one of the first contemporary romance serials I read, and I was addicted hard and fast. It’s sexy, slightly OTT and just so delightful. You think Simon has it all—smarts, money, the life—but once you get under that surface, it’s a much deeper story.”

    - Not a Bored Panda

    Published 12/01/2013

    Chosen For Power (Women of Power series) by Kathleen Brooks

    LM Creation / Via

    Our heroine is attempting to discover who is trying to damage her family venture. Who knew that her hero would be an unlikely Technology genius to bring resolution to her business—and her heart?

    “Elle Simpson is the CEO of her Atlanta-based family business. She meets the man of her dreams at a masquerade, and he turns out to be tech genius Drake Charles who she ends up having to trust to help save her business from sabotage. It's the first in Kathleen's Women of Power series. Romantic suspense. Drake is extremely private and it's a big leap of faith for him to get romantically involved with anyone. I LOVE the dynamic between Elle and Drake and Kathleen writes really good romantic suspense.”

    - Fashion Forward Teacher

    Published 04/21/2014

    # Nerd (Hashtag series) by Cambria Hebert

    Cambria Hebert / Via

    Our heroine is desperate to keep her scholarship. However, when tutoring the star athlete is now her next assignment, they will both find out if they pass or fail at true love.

    “Rimmel is a shy "nerd" who hides behind her glasses, books and works in an animal shelter. She is tasked with tutoring the quarterback and college heartthrob Romeo. I don't usually read College Romances because they make me feel old, but this one is so sweet and I instantly fell in love with Rimmel.”

    - Page Prescriber

    Published 11/01/2014

    Heart-Shaped Hack (Kate and Ian series) by Tracy Garvis-Graves

    Okay Creations / Via

    Serving the hungry is a new venture for our heroine. She’s finding that law was easier path than finding funding for the mouths to feed. When Robin Hood shows up, she never dreamt him to be a black hat.

    “Ian is a hacker, total computer nerd, he also has stalker tendencies. What I loved best about this one was the banter between H/h. They are both super smart, quick witted and strong.”

    - Page Prescriber

    Published 08/25/2015

    Dark Wild Night (Wild Season series) by Christina Lauren

    Gallery Books / Via

    As the song goes, naughty girls need love too. This heroine is this comic book store owners dream edition. He didn’t realize her talents extend far outside the world of ink and paper.

    “I also have a very large soft spot for nerds. Lola and Oliver are the best of the best nerds. One is a graphic novelist and the other owns a store specializing in - you guessed it - comic books. When Lola and Oliver final realize the feelings between them are way more than friendly and have been for a VERY long time, the pages of the story ignite. Nerds can be sexy. Oliver's protectiveness and desire to watch Lola succeed is swoon worthy.”

    - My Own Bookshelves

    Honorable Mention: Beautiful Player

    “Hanna is the geeky scientist who's harbored a crush on the unobtainable Will for a while. A story of friends to lovers spiced up with HOT steamy scenes but also heartfelt moments.”

    - Teacher by Day

    Published 09/15/2015

    Full Domain (Nice Guys series) by Kindle Alexander

    Kindle Alexander / Via

    The NSA wants you for your skills. Our hero thinks that going after the black hats will all be in a day’s work. What he didn’t count on was being paired up with a FBI who is hot as Sin...

    “The geeky guy that brought a deputy Marshall to his knees. He's smart, sweet and a bit wicked. Sinacola and Stewart heat every single page of that book. Aaron's geeky ways are exactly what Kreed needs to center him.”

    - Cuban Capo

    "Sin. That's all. I mean what geek can resist a little bit of Sin."

    -My Own Bookshelves

    Published 01/12/2016

    Keep (Seaside Pictures series) by Rachel Van Dyken

    PS Cover Design / Via

    He is a rock star with women and sex at his beck and call. When the clumsy girl stumbles in, our hero cannot help but make way for her in his heart.

    “Fallon is completely adorable with her big glasses and clumsy feet. You can't help but love her; she will make you laugh and cry. By the end you'll be praying for her and Zane to get their HEA.

    - Glitter Gulch Queen

    Published 07/11/2016

    Foreplay (Checkmate series) by Shelly Alexander

    Wax Creative Designs / Via

    The guy in your 11th grade calculus class you never gave a second glance at when thinking about prom, remember him? Well, now he is the sexy expert in how guys can get the girls. And women line up to date that boy you once rejected.

    “The Hs of the first two books were the quintessential nerds through college (glasses, chess club, etc.). I enjoyed the fact that they still owned their braininess but realized that they could still be sexy AF.”

    - Books, Dog or Kids

    Honorable Mention: Rookie Moves

    Published 10/18/2016

    The Spire (Walsh Family series) by Kate Canterbary

    Kate Canterbary / Via

    When you are running after flowing lava in Iceland, you just don’t have time for cultivating relationships. At least, that’s what our heroine finds. So, what does she do? Read to the end of the prologue for the surprising answer.

    “Erin Walsh is a volcanologist; If she's not talking about data sets, then she gushes about the history of croissants. She can shut someone merely mentioning an island off the coast of Spain. Her brain is nerdy and amazing.”

    - Reading is Indoor Sport

    “I completely agree. Erin represents that absorbed super smart person about all sorts of amazing stuff. She is laser focused and completely unaware of how to have a casual conversation. Like ultimate geek that just endears her for the reader to find someone who ‘gets’ her.”

    - My Own Bookshelves

    “How many times is it acceptable to say ‘yes, I agree’ and ‘you MUST read this book’? Because I could say it on repeat, especially when it comes to Erin and her someone special. Guys, the research in this book is off the charts. I read it in complete and utter awe of the author.”

    - Not a Bored Panda

    Honorable Mention: The Space Between

    “Kind of geeky, very smart, and oh, so frustrating!!! But his story was worth every single second. Love how he came to his senses with the love and understanding from Andy.”

    - Cuban Capo

    “Patrick. Andy. Harry Potter. Knee socks. Architecture hard-ons and food trucks. Oh, this book. THIS BOOK.”

    - Dedicated Groupie

    Published 12/13/2016

    The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott

    Melissa Panio-Petersen / Via

    When dealing with a painful past, sometime the easiest expression is through art. Our heroine finds a way to deal with her troubled history, and through an unexpected friendship, she’ll find love.

    “Zelda has written a graphic novel that she's trying to get published (she's my geek). This book is about lost souls with massive hearts, it's about forgiveness - of others and of yourself. It's scattered with little acts of kindness that warm the heart, which is much needed in today’s world, and on top of all that it is so beautifully written!”

    - Bonny Book Lass

    Published 02/28/2017

    Co-Wrecker by Meghan Quinn

    Meghan Quinn / Via

    Everyone can relate to the annoying yet you can’t help but like co-worker. You try everything in your power to resist their awkward charms. Our heroine finds out that sometimes a square peg is the perfect fit.

    “Well, I'm sure if I would have read this book first and not the sequel, because it changed how I saw the characters, BUT with that said it was cute. It was angsty and steamy and just a really cute summer/college romance (I think it was summer... It's been a while since I read it). Andrew is funny and an alpha geek. Like come on, it doesn't get better than that! This book will have you swooning and giggling and sighing.”

    - Big on Details

    “I enjoyed It's been awhile since I read it but from what I can remember it was an easy read. I'm positive I read it after a dark book and it was a perfect follow up book.”

    - #1 Cubs Fan

    “This was my first book of hers I read - sweet, nerdy H that was a definite alpha in bed. It made me laugh so many times, as well as tear up at some sweetness.”

    - Books+Love

    “That's the first one I thought of too. I also read the second one first and it definitely gives you a better understanding of the characters. I love how silly and nerdy Andrew is. He'll do anything to cheer up Sadie even when he doesn't know why she needs it.”

    - Warrior Nurse

    ANDREW! Yes, he’s one of my all-time favorite nerdy book boyfriends. He’s just so… silly and charming and dorky, and he has that sexy glasses thing down pat. I love Meghan’s books, and this is a definite highlight in a list of fantastic reads.”

    - Snarky Aussie

    Published 03/23/2017

    Hard For My Boss by Daryl Banner

    Daryl Banner / Via

    You’ve applied for and gotten a dream internship. Man, this is going to look oh, so stellar on your future resume. However, what you didn’t see coming your way was the club hottie you’ve had a taste of—and who now signs your paycheck.

    “I have the hardest funny bone to tickle to get me to laugh out loud while reading. I had to set the book down 3 times to contain my composure. Trevor - the geek - is such a loving 'old soul'. And Ben is all alpha hot but like a 13yo. I loved that we got to see them be just 'them'.”

    - My Own Bookshelves

    Published 08/03/2017

    Beneath The Truth by Meghan March

    Okay Creations / Via

    The little girl our hero remembers has all grown up. She may still be a genius. But she has backbone to match our hero’s and is ready to finally get what she’s always wanted.

    “Best friend's little sister/romantic suspense: Ariel is a super hacker and CEO of her own company. She's always been incredibly "nerdy" and didn't think Rhett would ever notice her.”

    - Fashion Forward Teacher

    Published 08/08/2017

    Encore by Ruth Clampett

    Michele Catalano Creative / Via

    Magic Mike meets the printed page. This poor soul gets a lap dance of a lifetime when he get pulled on stage by this sexy Latino.

    “What can I say about Charlie and the love he showed for the exotic dance Ramon. He is a shy computer programmer that thinks he is not really worthy of love and coming to terms with being gay (I don't mean that makes him a nerd, just the whole package), but in fact he is sexy as hell and this story is a really true love story with some intrigue”

    - Aussie Hockey Recruiter

    Published 08/16/2017

    Drumline by Stacy Kestwick

    Hang Le / Via

    It's time for the band geeks to rock the house. If this sexy line leader thinks he is going to make the heroine his prize bitch, they are going to find alot of friction in the skin.

    “Laird… He’s the captain of the Drumline and a sexy AF alpha who moonlights as an app developer—there’s another ovary-exploding twist re: his apps, but I’ll leave you to find that out—and he’s just PERFECT. This book addicted me from page one. Who KNEW band geeks could be so damn hot and so bloody unforgettable?”

    - Not a Bored Panda

    Published 09/03/2017

    Most Anticipated To Get Our Nerd On: King of Code by CD Reiss

    Flip City Media / Via

    Our hero had done the impossible. Built the world’s first un-hackable system. Or has he?

    “Okay, I admit it. When the notification for the release day blitz came out, I jumped on this like a free pass to CES. And I am not disappointed. There are elements of the story that speak to the inner coder that lies within me. But not geek? Unable to leetspeak? Do not worry. CD Reiss delivers a suspenseful tale that keeps you turning the page to find out whys of the characters. And Taylor is the perfect handsome man with the outrageous IQ. |-|3 !5 |-|0+ 45 |#|_|(|(.”

    - My Own Bookshelves

    Release Date 09/18/2017

    Has Your TBR Risen In IQ Points?

    TheOdysseyOnline / Via

    We think our book friends provided the best combinations in romance for finding those awkwardly smart characters. This week’s list has covered many of the subgenres we love. Did we leave out any smarties out of the equation? Give us your favorite romance geeks in the comments!