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    In the Driver's Seat: Love That Won't Burn Out

    There is something about the feel of our body rocketing down a straight away right towards a… checkered flag. All steel and strength gets our motors running when these bad boys of the racing world take the wheel. Our book friends found the perfect formula for a fast-paced romance in these 9 winning reads.

    Driven series by K. Bromberg

    Tugboat Designs / Via

    There isn’t much we can say about this series that hasn’t already been said. When our book friends were asked for a favorite racing theme novel, a resounding ‘I race you’ for this series was cheered.

    “I loved the excitement of the race scenes in this series. I remember a few times having to sit on the edge of my seat with my heart pounding.”

    - Desert Bookworm

    “If there was ever a bad boy of racing, Colton Donavan is it. Whenever I think of a sexy man behind the wheel, this is him. I adored his and Rylee’s story. It wasn’t easy for either but they were such the perfect couple.

    - My Own Bookshelves

    “I also put in my vote for The Driven series by K Bromberg! The trilogy is so emotional, it's fast-paced and the author writes the best male POV around.

    - Fabulous Fangirl

    “I think it was the way the story unfolded. Bromberg kept you on your toes while giving you excitement and passion. Colton and Rylee were meant for each other, but they both had obstacles to overcome and decisions to make about how much they were willing to give. A definite 5 star read for me.”

    - Sassy Southern

    Published Book one 05/13/2013

    Unfixable by Tessa Bailey

    LJ Anderson / Via

    The trip of a lifetime falls into your lap to photograph beautiful Ireland. When you met the man who you’d love to hate but makes your heart race instead, what do you do? You make sure to stroke the engine for maximum burn.

    “Holy Cow! It was my very first book by Tessa and I devoured it! Shane is a race car driver and the book is set in Dublin. Willa is amazing, raised by her sister, trying to get over a break -p abroad. Sooo amazing!”

    - #1 Braves Fan

    “YES! This was my first with Tessa too! It was a perfect frenemies story. Told from Willa’s POV and definitely a girl I could relate to with using her sarcasm as armor. And the blending of the family dynamic gave the story teeth”

    - My Own Bookshelves

    Published 04/14/2014

    Dirty Ties by Pam Godwin

    Pam Godwin / Via

    Our hero seeks revenge—and the blonde at the finish line. However, there are plots, marriages and family mind games that just may try to put an end to this race.

    "Reason 1: Ducati - so much sexier than Harley lol!

    Reason 2: Underground racing

    Reason 3: The elevator scene"

    - The Darker The Better

    Published 01/12/2015

    Revved (Revved Series) by Samantha Towles

    Najla Qamber Designs / Via

    This man has the formula for winning races and leaving a trail of panties in his wake. The heroine has a no-dating rule when it comes to race car drivers, but can she resist this Irishman’s charms?

    “The main gal is Andi Amaro, she is an F1 mechanic and goes to work for the team that famous F1 driver and bad boy, Carrick Ryan races for. Sparks fly, legs spread, the whole nine yards! Samantha is the lady that brought us Jake Wethers, so you know it's gonna be good. Also, she lives down the road from me so she's a top lass!!”

    - Weekend Warrior

    “You only need one word: CARRICK!!!! (Oh, and he's Irish!!!)”

    - No Time for Tea

    “I absolutely love this book and hope Towle will give us more! She brings these characters to life, and makes her readers feels as though they are entrenched in the world of racing and the will to find love.”

    - Sassy Southern

    Book One Published 03/22/2015

    Red Bird Trail Trilogy by Laramie Briscoe

    Cover to Cover Designs / Via

    Family is everything to our hero. And if burning rubber makes him keep his brother close, he’ll do just that. You know how we love a man with a heart of gold and a kid to care for. This trilogy gave our book friends the checkered flag to speed on.

    “This is a story of a young man, a brother, and his struggles to help the only family he has by racing an illegal street race. It is a story of how you can become a family under the strangest circumstances, of how you can grow up in an instant, but mostly it is a love story of how two people can fall in love and depend on each other when they have never trusted or depended on anyone in their lives.”

    - Shots and Pages

    Published 08/11/2015

    #Junkie (Gear Shark series) by Cambria Hebert

    Mae I Designs / Via

    No, the loud rumble and smell of octane isn’t anything to worry about. Yet, falling in love with your best friend and – oh, and by the way, I’m gay – may just set the world of racing into a tailspin.

    “The whole series centers around racing, both in the NASCAR world and on the indie circuit. It makes for some fast paced and exciting scenes. These characters are a family and you can feel that togetherness bleed off the pages. I fell in love with all the characters, main and side, and loved the relationship that develops between many of them, all of which start out for a mutual love of their sport. They're able to take that mutual love and transfer it into their personal relationships, which brings them all closer and makes the reader feel a part of the family atmosphere.”

    - Keep Reading Real

    Published 01/20/2016

    The Prince And The Player (Dirty Player series) by Tia Louise

    Steven Novak / Via

    These royals don’t follow the rules of the road. They are demanding in the course of life and love. Get your fire-suit on because things are about to heat up.

    “…this book also has lies, revenge and mystery but most of all, it’s a love story, not just one love story in The Prince & the Player. We get two princes’ and two sister's which means two love stories and four very different characters to fall in love with. Plus, the royal is a HOT formula one racer!

    - Aussie Hockey Recruiter

    “This story offers up a very alpha royal who just happens to like to drive in grand prix races. It’s got a bit of cat-and-mouse along with the love story that kept me engaged. If you are familiar with Ms. Louise's novels, this story will not disappoint. It has fast spaced plotline that doesn't feel like it's dragging, interesting secondary characters and always very HOT scenes.”

    - Serious Series Referee

    Published 05/17/2016

    Down Shift (Driven series) by K Bromberg

    K Bromberg/Penguin Books / Via

    Outrunning the long shadows of your father’s success on the oval seems like a never ending loop. When you’ve burned out all your options, you are looking to heal – alone. Instead, having a navigator in the passenger seat is what it takes to get your course mapped out.

    “Because I loved the Driven series as recommended by My Own Bookshelves and this is part of that series. It is Zander and Getty’s story which is just beautiful. Because we know and love Zander the little boy from the first books in the series and we know his history ,this is the story we wanted, no needed to have. They are both broken and hiding but together they are fixed.....eventually. And because 'just jump'.”

    - Goat Princess

    Published 10/04/2016

    Jumpstart (Crossroad series) by Riley Hart

    X-Potion Designs / Via

    Obstacles on the course are easy to traverse but what about the obstacles the world throws at you when you leave the closet? Does that cross correction becomes easier to navigate when your first love takes the lead?

    “Beck is a motocross star, trying to find his racing mojo after all the media around his coming out. Christian is the HS friend he had a secret thing yearning for. Beck and Christian have this insta-chemistry once they recognize “hey, I’m into you”. Once they both recognize it, boy oh boy, do they make up for opportunities missed.”

    - OCD In Reading

    Published 10/27/2016

    All these titles should send you racing to the nearest eRetailer / Via

    Did you speed through or take it easy on your way to the finish? Our book friends found the best high-speed lovers in their garage of books, and now it’s time drop the flag your favorite heart-racing romances in the comments!

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