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    Ghosts and Angels: Romances We Love That Will Have You Saying "Ditto"

    Our heroes love to play hide and seek. But only those with a sixth sense can find these divine (and delicious) messengers. Don’t be fiendish and stop yourself from reading these 10 spirited good stories.

    Charlie Davidson series by Darynda Jones

    Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror series) by Karina Halle

    Significance series by Shelly Crane

    Fate series by Heather Lyons

    The Collectors Society series by Heather Lyons

    All of It by Kim Holden

    The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon

    The Kricket series by Amy A. Bartol

    Where One Goes by B.N. Toler

    The Red Order series by E.S. Carter

    Personal Favorite: Drazen World Purgatory by Eva LeNoir

    Have We Left You With Heavenly Suggestions?