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    Flood My Feed: Facebook Book Pages Of Which We Can't Get Enough

    Connections are important. No one, not even Mark Zuckerberg himself, knew that an outlet designed to link us to high school chums and college pals would grow to give us way important stuff like... which book should be next on your burgeoning TBR? But how do you find the right place to get your recommendations? That's almost as hard as the reason we’re looking for Facebook blogs—what to read next. Ever helpful, we polled our book friends, asking which pages delivered more. And here, in alphabetical order, is the end result: 14 Facebook pages to follow for everything Romance Book related.

    Amo & Sarah's Book Corner

    Angie's Dreamy Reads

    Audio Loves

    Bookgasms Book Blog

    Bookalicious Babes Blog

    Cocktails and Books

    Diva Does 4 Good

    E-Reading After Midnight

    Kinky Girls Book Obsessions

    KU Book Reviews

    MI Bookshelf

    Natasha is a Book Junkie

    The Pleasure of Reading Today

    Two Unruly Girls With a Romance Book Buzz

    Did you know our Favorite Book Pimps (aka websites) also have Facebook pages?

    Let the stalking commence...