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    Flood My Feed: Facebook Book Pages Of Which We Can't Get Enough

    Connections are important. No one, not even Mark Zuckerberg himself, knew that an outlet designed to link us to high school chums and college pals would grow to give us way important stuff like... which book should be next on your burgeoning TBR? But how do you find the right place to get your recommendations? That's almost as hard as the reason we’re looking for Facebook blogs—what to read next. Ever helpful, we polled our book friends, asking which pages delivered more. And here, in alphabetical order, is the end result: 14 Facebook pages to follow for everything Romance Book related.

    Amo & Sarah's Book Corner

    Amo & Sarah's Book Corner / Via Facebook: amosarahbookcorner

    "Fun, friendly with an interactive group and passionate about books and supporting authors."

    - Fruit Taffy

    Angie's Dreamy Reads

    AngiesDreamyReads / Via Facebook: AngiesDreamyReads

    "Two of the most amazing figures in the indie world Angie Doyle McKeon & Jessica Sotelo run this blog. They have the best book recommendations and their passion/intensity for the books they read and LOVE is infectious. Plus they are both lovely. Best blog out there."

    - Dedicated Bibliophile

    Audio Loves

    Audio Loves / Via Facebook: romanceaudioloves

    "Audiobooks are often buried in book review pages. This page is dedicated to audio books and recommends some of the hottest stories out today. "

    - Rockin' My Commute

    Bookgasms Book Blog

    Bookgasms Book Blog / Via Facebook: bookgasmsbookblog

    "I love the Bookgasms team because they're funny, and they are passionate. They write great, spoiler-free reviews, and cover a variety of books—mostly romance, across all sub-genres, but also some outside of romance, which is cool."

    - Snarky Aussie

    Bookalicious Babes Blog

    Bookalicious Babes Blog / Via Facebook: bookaliciousbabesblog

    "I just... I love their enthusiasm. I love their reviews, their joy of reading. It's fun to follow them and see what they're reading and what they love."

    - Books are Everything

    Cocktails and Books

    Cocktails and Books / Via Facebook: CocktailsandBooks

    "Supply us with daily updates to what is new to their blog. There is a lot of variety in what you see. I like that they have a large group of reviewers with varied tastes, so it's a great place to find books and authors I might not have thought of on my own."

    - Late Night Reader

    Diva Does 4 Good

    Diva Does 4 Good / Via Facebook: divadoes4good

    "I am looking for amazing reviews but they deliver MORE. Beauty and health tips and the most awesome video blogs. It's like hanging with your best bookfriend."

    - Fabulous Book Reader

    E-Reading After Midnight

    E-Reading After Midnight / Via Facebook: ERAfterMidnight

    "I don't have time to click around links to see if I'm interested in a book. She puts the book and author right out there, so you know up front."

    - Too Hot for Vegas

    Kinky Girls Book Obsessions

    KinkyGirlsBookObsessions / Via Facebook: Kinkygirlsbookobsessions

    "If you don't like them on Facebook, then stalk them on Instagram. Awesome book recs and dedicated FB group to author takeovers is what makes this a top page for me."

    - Stilettos and Rope

    KU Book Reviews

    KU Book Reviews / Via Facebook: KUBookReviews

    "I love that it's a place to talk KU, which is still a dirty word to some people. They give amazing recommendations, host amazing bedtime stories from authors, and really interact with their readers."

    - Too Little Time Too Many Books

    MI Bookshelf

    MI Bookshelf / Via Facebook: MIBookshelf2

    "Although their suggestions are for some of the best in romance - especially the HOT stories, it's the spotlight they shine on authors from Down Under that I love."

    - Jackaroo Lover

    Natasha is a Book Junkie

    Natasha is a book junkie / Via Facebook: natashaisabookjunkie

    "Natasha is a Book Junkie is my go to blogger. I've followed her blog since I discovered there was such a thing as book blogs. She's never steered me wrong and her recommendations are always perfect. Also, I've met an amazing group of women who feed my book love (and help to empty my bank account) because of her blog. Natasha has my undying love and support."

    - Kindergarten is my Jam

    The Pleasure of Reading Today

    Images by Claire / Via Facebook: The

    "For the reviews and up to date book releases, this is the first place I go. They update their banner with who they have read and reviewed so you instantly know what is a book to one click today. They are dedicated to keeping up with what's current on readers must read list. As well as acknowledging both established and new authors equally."

    - Sassy Southerner

    Two Unruly Girls With a Romance Book Buzz

    Two Unruly Girls / Via Facebook: twounrulygirls

    "Also known as TUG! The TUG Girls are a favorite of mine. They crack me up and never do I see Drama from them. They do great giveaways and totally encourage page participation!!"

    -Glitter Gulch Queen

    Did you know our Favorite Book Pimps (aka websites) also have Facebook pages?

    Let the stalking commence...

    sidewindervx / Via

    Our book friends have spoken. We are pretty sure we've given you enough pages to suck all the time out of your day, and all the money out of your wallet.

    However, there are probably plenty we don't know about. Howz about you share your favorite Facebook Book Pages in the comments? Make sure to tell us why we should be following!

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