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    Favorite Book Pimps: Book Blogs That Cost Us Money Willingly

    Just reached The End on an awesome love story, and ready to submerse yourself into another HEA. Your favorite Book Retailer may not make the best suggestions. So what does a book worm do? Find a blog that fulfills your needs and empties your pocketbook. Here are twelve of our favorite romance book websites on the Internet today.

    Panda & Boodle

    Totally Booked Blog

    Shh Moms Reading

    Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

    Aestas Book Blog

    Shameless Book Club

    The Literary Gossip

    Schmexy Girl Book Blog

    Vilma's Book Blog

    RT Book Reviews

    Ana's Attic Book Blog

    All About Romance

    Seriously, just bookmark these websites and be prepared to hand your wallet over.