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Which Saugeen Sloth Are You?

find out how rough you are

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  1. What time do you go to bed?

    do naps count?
  2. How AEO are you?

    AEO af
    my major is pre-ivey
    oh yeah, that's a thing
  3. How do you feel about the caf food?

    v over it.
    it's SHIT.
    ate a burrito three days in a row...
    why do I need to top up my meal plan all the time?
  4. Where are you living during finals?

    my room in rez
    halfway between saugeen and weldon?
  5. Why are you up at 4 in the morning?

    oh shit - that's due tomorrow?!
    why would i be asleep at 4 am?
    sleep is for the weak.
  6. Who's calling you?

    my sister
    my mom
  7. How's your life going right now?

    it's honestly fine
    it's happening
    pretty good i guess?
  8. How's your dating life?

    in a relationship
    oh right - i'm in a relationship
    l o l
    holding out for my ideal man
  9. How salty are you?

    the dead sea
    atlantic ocean
    randomly salty
    salty when activated
  10. On a scale of 1-10 (10 is the highest) how extra are you?

  11. What do you spend your free time doing?

    i don't have free time
    3905872948 extracurriculars
    constantly on my phone
  12. Who wears the pants?

    I DO
    they do
    what pants?
    can we share???
  13. How cultured are you?

    jamaican patty (yellow on the outside, brown on the inside)
    i'm a member of a country club
    my family has themed parties (e.g. All That Sparkles - you better wear sparkly clothes)
    my dog is my only white friend
  14. What is your odd habit?

    brushing my teeth in the shower (multitasking! efficiency!)
    using a scarf as a blanket
    drinking nestea as water
    sleep talking about communism
  15. Where do you want to go on AIESEC exchange?

    hopefully somewhere with chatime
    can i speak english there?
    san fran
    just get me out of the country
  16. What's your program like?

    med sci for dummies
    there are no other girls in my classes
    globalization ftw

Which Saugeen Sloth Are You?

You got: harny

probably making a vlog about how rough her life is for the finsta

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You got: linda

probably editing her next insta pic scheduled for three weeks from now

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You got: nicole

probably the mom of the friend group but lowkey life's a mess

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You got: my-linh

probably living a good life one 30 minute nap at a time

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