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"Timber" Without Pitbull Is The Only Song You Will Ever Need For The Rest Of Your Life

More Ke$ha, less problems.

Hi, so "Timber" is your jam right?

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It's pretty much the best thing to happen to ears in a long time.

But what if the song wasn't a duet...

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

...but an all-out Ke$ha jamfest?

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

I mean, do you really need any more of this guy in your life?

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Luckily, some crazy genius made a version of "Timber" with less Pitbull and more Ke$ha.

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The verses are taken from a leaked Ke$ha song called "Woo Hoo" and they sync up perfectly with "Timber."

Enjoy your upgraded life.