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    The Most Important Moments From Drake's "Worst Behavior" Video


    On Monday, Drake released the video for his song "Worst Behavior."

    Although Drake is predictably adorable, it's his dad who really steals the show in the video's opening sequence.


    He's just such a boss. The video was shot in Atlanta and Memphis, the latter being where his father lives.

    Drake gets to party with his fans and he's super joyful about it.

    No, but seriously look how happy Aubrey is when he's surrounded by his fans.

    Then this intense "Motherfucker" happens, followed by this sensual lip licking.

    Let's just see that last part again.

    Then to help us cool down, there's a four minute skit that you can just fast forward through.

    Then Drake gets back to stunting.

    Then he melts all of the world's ovaries by holding a cute kid.

    Then more stunting.

    Then Drake drinks in public which is pretty illegal, but it's OK because he's Drake.

    Only Drake's shoulders could make a beat drop that hard.

    And he ends the song by staring straight into your soul with the fiery passion of 1000 suns.

    And the video ends with Drake sharing a blunt with a lovely young woman in his car while a slowed down version of "From Time" plays. Again, illegal — but it's OK because he's Drake.

    Make sure to watch it for yourself.