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    Miss New York's Comeback Is Going To Take A Bit Longer Than Expected

    The celeb-reality star is no longer going to be involved with the reality show Ratchet Queens but she's making other moves.

    Once upon a time, VH1 reality TV star Tiffany Pollard, better known as Miss New York, ruled the world.

    She was the breakout star of Flavor Of Love and its sequel. It was only natural that she got a spinoff show, which had its own sequel, and two other series that only lasted for one season.

    But after New York Goes To Work ended, the HBIC disappeared from the public eye.

    So where is New York now and when is she coming back?

    This summer, she announced on her Instagram that she would be part of a new show called The Ratchet Queens.

    But New York told BuzzFeed that she's no longer affiliated with the project and she has hooked back up with 51 Minds, the production company that made her a star.


    "I'm not going to be doing Ratchet Queens," she said. "That show was presented to me by a smaller production company and it looked like we were going to do it for a while. I'm now working with my former production company 51 Minds. We're going in a whole other direction. It's another show, with a new concept."

    She says they have not started shooting the show yet, but the concept does not "really venture off the beaten path" of her previous successes.

    "It's me being the HBIC [head bitch in charge]," she said. "I'm in charge, my opinion is the only one that counts — not behind the scenes — but I'm doing my thing. I'm the energy behind the scenes."

    So since the show is still in the development stages, it might be a while until we get to hear the queen say these famous words again: