24 Problems Only Hairy Guys Will Understand

Hair, hair, everywhere.

1. Disposable razors just don’t do the job.


2. The heat that comes with wearing a human sweater year round.


3. Having to be on unibrow alert.

@Hans Surfer/@Hans Surfer

4. Butt hair, enough said.

5. People commenting on the exotic places that you have hair.

Kham / Reuters

6. Your “happy trail” is a happy highway.

7. The deep V-neck is not a good look for you.

8. Never really feeling 100% dry after getting out of the shower.

9. If you and your partner are both hairy, the bathroom is a disaster area.

10. No longer being able to get a tan on your entire torso.

11. Being the first kid in school to have armpit hair.

12. Some people just don’t find you attractive no matter what you do.

13. “Are you doing Movember?”

14. The cosmic irony of having tons of hair everywhere except your head.

15. Getting food stuck in your facial hair all of the time.

16. “Wow, you’re really hairy.”

17. Thinking you have seaweed stuck to your back at the beach but it’s just your wet back hair.

18. Regular butt crack is embarrassing enough… and then there’s yours.

19. Hobbit feet.


20. Leaving your partner covered in hair after shirtless…cuddling.


21. It’s infeasible to shave/trim the hair on any part of your body because it would look like a negative space painting.

John Kelly/John Kelly

22. Itching. Always.


23. Larger chance of ingrown hairs.

24. But hey, hairy dudes: Take heart! At least you don’t look like this:

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