Which Member Of Emo Are You?

Do you vom in the bradley parking lot, yell phrases that are hardly recognizable, or chase your drinks with bread? Take this quiz to find out which member of Emo you are!

  1. What phrase are you most likely to say?
    1. Bidillybobop
    2. My Guy
    3. That’s Lit
    1. You Scumbag
    2. Be nice to meee
    3. We really out here
    1. You’re so beat
  2. What is your drink of choice?
    1. Boxed Wine
    2. Tequila
    3. Plain Burnetts
    1. Evan Williams
    2. Malibu
    3. Budlight
    1. Anything
  3. Have you ever yaked in the bradlee parking lot?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  4. Where is your favorite place to eat in AVA?
    1. Atlantis
    2. Nordstrom Cafe
    3. McDonalds
    1. ANCC
    2. Tropical Smoothie Cafe
  5. What type of car do you drive?
    1. Jeep with a shit ton of stickers
    2. A nice one
    3. One that also doubles as a closet
    1. Fat ass truck
    2. I don’t drive
    3. 2003 Honda Accord
    1. Xtera
    2. The Blazer (rip)

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