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Everybody Is Getting Their Brunch On...Are You?

Read about how brunch has become a new trend for families, friends and the foodie in you.

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Sunday Brunchday (chicken and waffles at Maggiano's Little Italy)

Tiffany "Lady T" Watson

Legend has it, every time the word "brunch" is mentioned a foodie gets their wings. The legendary meal goes way back to the early 1900s but is now a social trend that millennials can't seem to get enough of. Something about the combination of breakfast and lunch makes a foodie shiver with excitement and turn their piggy banks upside down looking for additional "brunch money."

Over the last decade, brunch became the meal to plan your week around and a divisive new trend for many thriving restaurants. It used to be a meal for those who don't consider themselves early birds or early risers. Now the late risers finally get their time to shine.

Brunch has become more than just a hotel or resort amenity. The popular meal has become a huge social trend around the nation and a big money maker for restaurants globally.

According to, brunch has become a favorite meal of the day for many people. Recent Google Trends data proves that more people are brunching on Sundays and digesting a good amount of protein from the wide array of options - eggs, meat, pastries, fruits and veggies. Why? Well because people love food! A person's "love of food" and growling stomach has never steered them in the wrong direction. Home is where the stomach is, duh!

I have been on the hunt for some of the best brunch spots on the east coast (specifically the Washington D.C. metropolitan area). I have experienced some of tastiest, most delectable, and "taste bud hollering" brunches that would make you sit there for hours in awe (or waiting on a wheelchair to wheel you out because your eyes were bigger than your appetite).

Crabcake Egg Benedict...Delish

Tiffany "Lady T" Watson

What makes a good brunch spot? Well it needs to have the 3 Q's of course - quality, quantity and queen-sized seats (HA!). Most brunches are either a la carte or buffet style, but most people prefer buffet. Places like Annie's Paramount Steak & Seafood (approximately $30) and HalfNote Lounge ($26) in Maryland have high quality and great quantity for foodies that want more bang for their buck.

A la carte spots in the DMV area, such as Founding Farmers, have excellent brunch menu items for under $20 so that you're not completely emptying your pockets.

Many elite buffet brunches have waffle stations, omelet stations, endless shrimp, southern style cuisine and endless drinks (FREE mimosas).

My recent favorite has to be the brand new brunch at Maggiano's Little Italy (a la carte items that are under $20). Can you say FAB-U-LOUS? I tried things at Maggiano's that I would never try with my future husband (I simply don't want him to see me devour several plates of food by myself if you know what I mean).

I had my first Egg Benedict over a Crab Cake, along with Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and Creme Brûlée French Toast. Are you drooling yet?

The chicken and waffles weren't my fave because the Creme Brulee French Toast made me a believer. They definitely stole the spotlight. Clearly from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm every weekend, the Maggiano's chefs are creating french toast miracles in their kitchen and that is exactly how brunch should be done.

Brunch should leave you filled with food and joy, but also with a feeling of satisfaction. While interacting with family, friends, spouses, partners and loved ones, brunch lightens the mood and brings out the best in you as a person.

Brunch doesn't just make you a lover of's simply just good for the soul.

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