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11 Awkward Photos You Wish Your Parents Didn't Share

Just when you think you're having a perfectly FINE day... Mom decides to tag you in a photo from the "good ol' days." Not now, MOM! Tell her to #keepitpersonal next time.

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1. The one that screams "shattered dreams":

Courtesy of Tara Parian

2. The one where you finally came out of your shell:

Courtesy of Colleen Stufflebeem

3. The one of you in your most vulnerable state:

Courtesy of Coco Loehr

4. The one of you flaunting your Sunday's finest:

Courtesy of Kariel Parian

5. The one of you finally figuring out how to use an adult-sized toilet:

Courtesy of Erica Levine

6. The one from the day your whole family decided to go bobsledding:

Courtesy of Tommy Gaughan

7. The one that captured you channeling your inner goth at an early age:

Courtesy of Andrea Hickey

8. The one that reminds you of the most painfully awkward night of your life:

Courtesy of Andrea Hickey

9. The one of you in FULL character:

Courtesy of Daisy Wall

10. The one from the day you transformed yourself into Queen Bubble Wrap of Virginia:

Courtesy of Colleen Stufflebeem

11. And the one that questions how you ever recovered from your awkward hair phase:

Courtesy of Abby Karwacki