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    12 Perfect Gifts For Dog Lovers And Their Dogs This Christmas 2016

    The hottest and best gifts for dog lovers {and their dogs} for Christmas 2016.

    1. A personalized bandana with their dog's name.

    Ripley & Rue / Via

    Dog owners dig (pun intended) custom accessories and apparel for their dogs. Upon opening the box, they'll immediately scream with glee, throw this on their dog, and demand an Instagram photoshoot to show their dog's followers the new garb. Yes, their dog has their own Instagram account. Choose from a variety of personalized bandana designs and sizes at $27.99

    2. I just want to hang with my dog t-shirt.

    TheDailyTay / Via

    Because let's face it, most dog owners enjoy their dog's company over people. #truth I Just Want To Hang With My Dog T-shirt by TheDailyTay $24+

    3. A dog teepee.


    Dog beds are so last year. Any dog lover will think this is the cutest thing they've ever seen and start plotting out where they will fit this in their living room. Cactus Dog Teepee by Pipolli $85.

    4. A personalized pet portrait mug

    Miss Design Berry Inc, West Coast Mastiff Rescue / Via

    This custom mug features a pet portrait of their dog or cat. They base the illustration off of photos you provide. You also get to pick fonts and color for the pet's name. Cute, right? Miss Design Berry Inc. $58.00

    5. An ombre rope leash.

    Sloppy Chops Co / Via

    Rope leashes are all the rage amongst dog owners and much more durable than regular leashes. {And fashionable} Especially when they come in these adorbs ombre colors. Rope Leashes by Sloppy Chops Co $35+

    6. A K9 SportsSack


    Upon being invited somewhere, a dog owner's first words uttered usually are: "Can I bring my dog?" With this convenient backpack, now they can! Weight limits apply, of course. Shop different colors and sizes at starting at $49

    7. A dog bowtie collar.

    Bone and Bowtie, Taco Bear / Via

    I don't think this one needs explanation. It's just ridiculously cute. Shop the Bone and Bowtie's collection $35+

    8. A dog water bottle.

    Highwave / Via

    Dog parents will usually have water ready for their dogs before themselves. Sure, a regular water bottle works fine, but then they need to bring an extra bowl to put it in. This portable water bottle has a bowl on the top that fills with water when you squeeze the bottle. And of course it's BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Highwave Dog Mug $20 on Amazon.

    9. An obnoxious dog toy that looks like food.

    BarkShop / Via

    While this is wildly humorous, it's also very practical. This heavy duty pretzel toy provides hours of entertainment for a dog and doesn't tear apart in one play session. Dog owners will thank you. Pretzel Toy from the BarkShop $12

    10. Dog mom T-shirt

    Ripley & Rue / Via

    Because they're not just dog owners, they're dog parents. A dog mom will wear this t-shirt with pride. $27.99

    11. A custom pet pillow

    GoGAGA4Art / Via

    They'll appreciate this pillow replica of their dog to bring into the office or on long trips when they can't be with their dog. And it's hilarious! Or at least most dog owners will find this funny. Just send a photo of the pet with the order. GoGAGA4Art starts at $58+

    12. A subscription box to Dapper Dog Box

    Dapper Dog Box / Via

    Gift a subscription box to your dog friend and each month they'll receive a paw-picked box of high quality and durable toys, healthy treats and stylish accessories. Choose from 1, 6, or 12-month plans starting at $32.99/month.

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