Troye Sivan Is Showing Off His "Bottomless (And Baseless) Bowl," And People Have A Few Concerns

    "Boy, that's a hoop."

    Troye Sivan has a new "bottomless" bowl, and the internet has follow-up questions.

    Closeup of Troye Sivan

    On Thursday, the "Rush" singer posted on Instagram showing off the extremely unconventional $610 bowl.

    "Bottomless (baseless) and beautiful!" Troye wrote. "Very excited to show you all @tsulangeyor's newest homeware — the bowl."

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    The bowl, a collaboration with Australian artist and industrial designer Joel Adler, is available in two sizes. One size is big enough to hold personal belongings like a wallet, headphones, key, etc. The other size is larger and meant for items like fruits and vegetables.

    The image shows an Instagram story by joel_adler_studio promoting tsulangyeoi’s small bowl, with decorative elements and a website link

    "I've been living w mine for a few months and it's genuinely my favourite thing," he added.

    Closeup of Troye Sivan

    The bottomless, hand-cast recycled brass bowl comes from TSU LANGE YOR, which, according to the website, is an "independent reflection of SELF++SANCTUARY++HERITAGE from two brothers in Carlton, Australia."

    Gold-colored oval frame on a textured surface without any artwork inside

    I'm all for avant-garde design, but I feel like there are specifics you need to consider in a bowl — primarily the basin.

    Two simple ceramic bowls without any distinctive patterns or textures

    A "bottomless" bowl is quite hilarious, in my opinion. Last year, Troye famously declared on Emily Ratajkowski's High Low podcast that even though he wrote a song about "bottoming" in sex, he is not "some crazy power bottom."

    Troye Sivan and Emily Ratajkowski on "High Low"

    "I think sometimes people are just surprised, maybe if they go on a date with me, and I'm like, 'Oh, by the way, I'm not a bottom,'" Troye said.

    Closeup of Troye Sivan in an interview

    So, much like the "One of Your Girls" singer — this bowl "is not a bottom."

    Like myself, people were left perplexed and humored by the bowl — here's what they're saying:

    "Boy thats a hoop," one person wrote.

    Social media comment with a profile photo of a person gesturing, accompanied by text expressing amazement at a basketball hoop

    Grindr poked fun at the "bottom allegations."

    Social media comment from Grindr with text "he's beating the bottom allegations"

    Singer Carter James called it a "glory bowl."

    Profile image of a person with a verification checkmark and text indicating a username, phrase "glory bowl", likes, and days since posted

    This person questioned the hefty price tag for a "bowl that doesn't even have a bottom."

    Social media comment criticizing the price of a bottomless bowl

    "A bottomless bowl?! Tops win again I fear," another person wrote.

    Instagram comment by user 'con.air' joking about a "bottomless bowl" with a notion that "tops win again."

    This person questioned the alleged legal requirements for bowl identification.

    Instagram comment by user emforman13 questioning if a bowl is legally required to have a bottom, with over a thousand likes

    "Girl what is this?" someone asked.

    Screenshot of a social media comment questioning, "qnqxl girl what is this" with 561 likes

    Another person shamelessly said, "I thought it was a cockring until I swiped."

    Text from a social media comment by user ryaninwardslopez, expressing surprise on realizing content after swiping

    And finally, someone said, "This is real rich people shit omg."

    Instagram comment by user 'ellierwinstone' expressing astonishment at wealthy lifestyle

    What do you think about the trendy bottomless bowl?

    Let's talk about it in the comments.