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Restaurant Employees, Tell Me About The Most Disrespectful Or Rude Customer You Ever Served

They don't pay you enough for this crap.

Have you ever served a guest at a restaurant who was literally the spawn of Satan?

In my many years of hospitality experience, I have come across some vile and wretched people who made it their mission to make my life in food service a living hell.

One time, I served a famous west coast rapper and 40 of his friends and family BY MYSELF. Of course, I was totally overwhelmed, but the worst part was after they received their thousand-dollar restaurant bill, he tossed my tips (all $1 bills) into the air. I had to crawl on the ground and under the table to collect them. While fighting back angry tears, I realized that I was crawling too slowly, and his entire family (while also laughing at me) stole most of the money, and I was left with a $30 tip.

If you have a story that comes to mind, we would love to know: Who was the most disrespectful customer (or customers) you've ever served at a restaurant?

Maybe a customer leapt over the fast-food counter like a football player, trashed everything, and tried to fight because you said the milkshake machine was down for the night.

Or, maybe someone pretended to faint because they didn't want to pay their bill, tried to run away, and then accidentally crashed through the sliding glass door.

Or finally, maybe a customer drunkenly grabbed your arm while you were carrying a tray full of wine glasses just to tell you that you need to smile more, causing you break everything including your will to work for the rest of the night?

If you worked in any type of food service industry and had to deal with a disrespectful, obnoxious customer from hell, tell us what happened in the comments below. However, if you want to remain anonymous, you can fill out this Google form instead.

Best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!