Robert Pattinson Deep Fakes Are Circulating On TikTok, And They're Absolutely "Terrifying" — Here's How He Responded

    It's very unsettling.

    As a proud Hufflepuff, I feel it's my duty to protect Cedric Diggory, aka Robert Pattinson's good name.

    Myke Thompson wearing Hufflepuff scarf

    Apparently, the most random TikTok videos of Robbie Patz are circulating the internet.

    Fake of Robert Pattinson

    Except, it's not really him. They're deep fakes!

    While funny, the videos are absolutely unnerving, like this one of "Pobert Rattinson" aka fake Robert dancing by a window.

    And this one of deep fake Robbie drinking a pink milkshake.

    During an interview with ES Magazine, the real Robert told us how he actually feels about this creepy trend.

    Closeup of Robert Pattinson

    "It's terrifying," Robert said of the parody TikTok account @unreal_robert, which includes digitally altered videos with the actor's likeness.


    "The amount of people who know me quite well and will still be like, 'Why are you doing these weird dancing videos on TikTok?'"

    While the amount of dedication is impressive, The Batman star thinks, "It’s really bizarre."

    Closeup of Robert Pattinson

    "You just realize that we’re two years away from it being indistinguishable from reality — and what on Earth am I going to do as a job then?" Robert questioned.

    Closeup of Robert Pattinson

    Yeah, I'm sticking with team REAL Robert.

    What do you think about the parody account?