Paul Mescal Says "Everybody" Is Mispronouncing His Name, And The Reason Is Intoxicating

    Hey Google, "Pronounce Paul Mescal."

    Paul Mescal is undoubtedly a rising star, but before he becomes a household name — we need to learn how to say his name correctly.

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    In a laid-back interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 27-year-old Irish actor revealed how people have been pronouncing his name wrong his entire career.

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    Of course, his first name, Paul, isn't the problem. People are flubbing on the last name, "Mescal." And I'll admit, I might have Googled the pronunciation once or twice before talking about his recent Oscar nomination for Aftersun.

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    According to Paul, the mistake occurs because of the popular agave-based alcohol beverage. "People get confused with how to pronounce my name because of the drink Mezcal," he said. "Everybody does it."

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    In case you're wondering, the Normal People star's last name is pronounced with a soft "s" and "a."

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    And on that note, I sincerely apologize to Paul for butchering his last name.

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    Watch the entire conversation here.

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