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    24 Reactions To The "NyQuil Chicken Challenge" That Give Me A Spoonful Of Hope For Humanity

    From the same internet that brought you greatest hits like the "Tide pod" and "snorting condom" challenges comes a new, dangerously dumb trend that you must not attempt at all costs.

    Did I think I would be back here so soon to discuss another off-the-wall TikTok trend that's extremely dangerous and disgusting? Unfortunately, yes, I did.

    Whether it started as a joke or seriously disturbed taste buds, the internet is popping off at people marinating poultry in doxylamine-DM-acetaminophen.

    NyQuil, y'all. They're cooking chicken in "cough, cold, and flu" medicine!

    The FDA released a statement warning people NOT to take part in the trend because of the dangers of misusing the medication.

    The statement, in part, says boiling a medication can make it more concentrated and change its properties; even inhaling the vapors could be dangerous

    I'm speechless, but Twitter had a lot to say about the disgusting, dangerous trend.


    Twitter: @MattNegrin


    *opens the internet* FDA Warns: Don't cook chicken in NyQuil *closes the internet*

    Twitter: @MrXenTV


    The woke left is trying to cancel Nyquil Chicken because they hate traditional American values.

    Twitter: @oneunderscore__


    @domislivenews Nah this gotta be a life sentence. chicken died just to get cooked like this

    Twitter: @ProPhaseShifter


    Why did I just see something on the news about people trying to cook chicken… using NyQuil?

    Twitter: @uh_maryllis


    @ProPhaseShifter @domislivenews imagine being some regular chicken thinking you gonna become a fine ass meal or something just to be cooked in nyquil and flipped with a hair straightener 💀💀

    Twitter: @TheCoolerSorowa


    My neighbors were enjoying a BBQ NyQuil chicken earlier, they’re sleeping on the picnic table now.

    Twitter: @NotHoodlum


    Breakfast: Coffee ☕️ Lunch: NyQuil Chicken 🍗 Dinner: Tide Pods 🧼 Exercise: Milk Crate Challenge 🥛 A day in the life of a Gen Z TikToker 🫣

    Twitter: @AbiRatchford


    This is why America needs immigrants and people of color. Y'all are putting Nyquil on your chicken because you don't know about spices. Help us help you. Help us make your chicken delicious. You won't even get sleepy or dead, just a food coma.

    Twitter: @WajahatAli


    1. Please don't make us add "NyQuil chicken" to the dictionary. 2. Please don't cook your chicken with NyQuil.

    Twitter: @Dictionarycom


    @kirawontmiss Me after eating Nyquil chicken

    United Plankton Pictures / Via Twitter: @Midnite_Vi


    my reaction when i hear people are cooking chicken in nyquil:

    20th Television / Via Twitter: @FamilyGuyonFOX


    Tri-Star Pictures / Via Twitter: @HeathenOnEarth_


    some people never used salt and pepper and now they using nyquil to marinate chicken....WTF!?!?

    Twitter: @stromio1


    Great. Now they’re about to keep chicken and NyQuil in a locked case at the grocery store.

    Twitter: @jemelehill


    why did I just watch the news to see a headline that says “FDA warning: don’t cook chicken in NyQuil”??????

    VH1 / Via Twitter: @africanglo


    Never mind Tide Pods, bleach and NyQuil chicken—what’re we gonna do with all the cotton candy in the attic??

    Twitter: @TrivWorks


    @oneunderscore__ First they came for Nyquil chicken, then they came for Viks Vapor Rub steaks, and soon they'll come for Bengay Burritos.

    Twitter: @WajahatAli


    Honestly, if you have to be told this, you should go ahead and eat the NyQuil marinated chicken

    Twitter: @DarkSavage1


    Cooking | The NyQuil chicken challenge may be unsafe, but these garlicky Robitussen sheet-pan thighs will get rid of that lingering cough.

    Twitter: @DougJBalloon


    This is disgusting. If you are cooking your chicken in NyQuil, we need to talk. The move is a reduce your NyQuil into a glaze and drizzle it atop the chicken. Heathens.

    Twitter: @cam_utah


    Everyone is talking about NyQuil chicken and nobody wants to try my Uncle Benadryl’s one minute rice

    Twitter: @RyanMarino


    First TikTok had y'all buying expired Pepto Bismol from that girl and now y'all eatin Kentucky Fried Nyquil? I am at a loss.

    Twitter: @MasterTainment


    “medieval people were gullible and superstitious” the CDC just told us not to cook chicken in NyQuil

    Twitter: @Swilua