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    Lenny Kravitz Just Shared A NSFW Photo Of His Butt On Instagram, And The Reactions Are Thirsty

    Lisa Bonet really knows how to pick 'em.

    Let's not pretend like we don't know why you came here.

    closeup of Lenny throwing a peace sign

    So, remember that time when Jason Momoa rocked the traditional Hawaiian malo and bared his muscular aqua booty on Instagram?

    Well, Lisa Bonet's other extremely attractive ex-husband is following suit — or, should I say, lack thereof.

    On Thursday, Lenny Kravitz kicked off the New Year by sharing a photo of his stripped-down body and tasteful bum bum overlooking the water.

    In the photo, only half of his body is visible, but that's probably the only amount the internet can handle.

    The photo is captioned "New birth" and yes, sir, we are now born again.

    lenny playing guitar on stage

    That reminds me: I will never forget back in 2015 when he busted out his leather pants during his performance and broke the internet in every multiverse that has social media.

    Twitter: @LennyKravitz

    The way he responded to #penisgate was by sharing this text from Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. These rockers are built different.

    And these reactions to Lenny's half-moon are hilariously thirsty:

    It's looking like the Hunger Games over that half-eaten Cinnabon.

    to the left ta da leffff
    imcoming tsunami
    oh hello
    i know that's right

    And all I have to say to Lenny posting something like that on Instagram: 🎶 All of my life, where have you been? I wonder if I'll ever see you again. 🎶