Here's What AI Thinks 18 Emotions Would Look Like If They Were Part Of "Inside Out"

    All of these emotions are throwing a house party in my head every day.

    Inside Out 2 comes out in a couple of months! The sequel introduces new emotions like Anxiety and Embarrassment, so I had to see what other emotions in our millennial and Gen Z minds would look like, and the results are adorable. I also picked celebrities who I think match each emotion. Do you agree? Comment below!

    Disclaimer: The following images were created using generative AI image models for the sake of entertainment and curiosity. The images also reveal the biases and stereotypes that currently exist within AI models and are not meant to be seen as accurate or full depictions of the human experience.

    1. Love

    3D animated character, possibly from a children's movie, with pink hair and a textured sweater, smiling with hands clasped

    2. Rizz

    Animated character, Edna Mode from "The Incredibles," wearing her signature large glasses and a glittery outfit

    3. Guilt

    3D animated character resembling an elderly gentleman with large glasses and a blue complexion

    4. Hangry

    Animated character Chef Skinner from 'Ratatouille' with a scowl, in chef attire, and tall white hat

    5. Pensiveness

    Close-up of animated character Sadness from Inside Out wearing her signature glasses and white turtleneck with a sweater

    6. Cringe

    Angry character from 'Inside Out' with fluffy green hair and a green sweater

    7. Courage

    Elsa from Frozen wearing a brown turtleneck sweater, expressing determination

    8. Calm

    Character from "Grinch," Cindy Lou Who, meditating peacefully in a flower field

    9. Sus

    Character Sadness from Inside Out, standing with arms crossed, looking downcast

    10. Petty

    Animated character Disgust from 'Inside Out' with a large green hairstyle, expressing a sly grin

    11. Sympathy

    Animated character Me from 'Inside Out' looking worried, holding a piece of paper, with a swirly backdrop

    12. Shook

    Animated character with wide eyes and a concerned expression, wearing a striped sweater

    13. Intolerance

    Angry animated character with cap and sneakers, arms raised

    14. Shade

    Animated character Unikitty from "The Lego Movie" with an annoyed expression

    15. Terror

    Animated character Ian Lightfoot from "Onward" with surprised expression, standing indoors

    16. Confusion

    Animated character with blue skin, purple glasses, and hair, looking surprised

    17. Nostalgia

    Animated character with glasses and curly hair reading a book in a library setting

    18. And finally, Yassified

    Animated character resembling a rock star singing into a microphone, wearing a sparkly jumpsuit

    Are there any emotions you want to see included?

    Let me know in the comments.