Diane Keaton Said She “Wasn’t A Fan” Of Justin Bieber Before The “Ghost” Music Video, But A 2015 Encounter Begs To Differ

    "I mean, I didn’t even know him. I knew the music a little, and I liked the music, but I wasn’t a fan exactly."

    Academy Award winner Diane Keaton looked back at that one time she randomly starred in Justin Bieber's music video.

    In a new interview with Metro, the Book Club: The Next Chapter actor reminisced about playing Justin's grandmother in the music video for "Ghost" from his 2021 album, Justice.

    closeup of the two in the video

    According to Diane, before she was cast, she admitted that the Grammy award winner or his music wasn't on her radar. "I couldn't believe it. This was like one of those things that happens [and] you're going, 'I'm what?'" she said.

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    "And of course, it was so much fun, it couldn't have been more fun. I can't believe it. I still can't believe it."

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    The heartwarming music video follows Diane and Justin celebrating his grandfather's birthday before he eventually passes away.

    justin and diane with the person casted as his grandfather

    Then, after two years of grieving, Justin and his grandmother bond over an adventurous night out that could be straight from a Nancy Meyers movie.

    the two in a convertible

    He treats grandma to a fancy dinner.

    the two eating dinner

    They share a few cocktails at the bar.

    the two drinking

    They even do a little grandma-grandson dancin'.

    the two dancing and having fun

    Until he eventually hooks grandma up on a date with a new man.

    the two in a parking lot

    It's wild to think Diane "didn't even know" Justin ahead of the music video. "No, I hadn't been a fan," Diane said. "I mean, I didn’t even know him. I knew the music a little, and I liked the music, but I wasn’t a fan exactly — so you know, I don’t have music pouring in my ears all the time."

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    "I don’t know why me, I still don’t understand. I don’t know how, but I loved it," Diane told Metro. "I wish you could have been there!"

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    The funny thing is, seven years ago, while on The Ellen Show, Diane gushed over a sexy photo of 21-year-old Justin — so her memory must be playing tricks on her.

    the photo blown up on a screen on the ellen show

    Ellen even made a turtleneck and T-shirt for her to be a true "Belieber."

    diane looking at the shirt

    Then Justin surprise attacked her.

    justin scaring diane

    And she gave him a big ol' kiss.

    diane kissing his cheek

    So, there you have it! I can guess when Justin decided he must have Diane in his music video.

    closeup of the two

    Watch the music video here — and bring tissues.

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