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What Was The Breaking Point When You Realized Your Friendship Was Toxic, Terrible, And Destined To End?

Enough is enough.

Once upon a time, you believed you would be best friends forever. You imagined that you would grow up, raise your families, and grow old together. But for years, you ignored all the red flags that, ultimately, your life was being drained from your soul and you were in a toxic friendship.

No matter how hard you tried to support or love this friend, they treated you like absolute shit. And then, after years of toxicity and anguish, you finally had enough, stood up for yourself, and cut their ass off!

I'd love to hear from you: When did you reach your breaking point and realize you needed to end your toxic friendship?

Maybe you had enough when they forced you to choose between them and your partner. You found the love of your life, but your best friend's jealousy and fear of losing you created an unbearable strain between all the relationships, and you realized they were always thinking of themself first and nobody else.

Perhaps you've known them since you were in kindergarten. Over the years, they rebelled against authority, flunked out of school, and pushed you toward a life of crime and drugs despite other friends dying or being arrested. It would lead you to death or jail if you didn't finally walk away and never look back.

Or maybe this friend held onto your dark secrets. Out of fear, you remained bound to them and in their debt. They blackmailed you for years and controlled you by threatening to tell your family and friends everything. You were afraid of them until you finally chose freedom over fear and took control of your narrative.

Share your story in the comments (or use this anonymous Google form), and your response may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post — your experience could help someone else.