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I, A Bisexual Black Man, Have 5 Things I Need To Talk About

My name is Myke Thompson, and after a lifetime of hiding in the shadows, I unabashedly put the Bi in BIPOC (Black, indigenous, person of color).

I'm bisexual, and, you know, that wouldn't be all that bad if I didn't also identify as a Baptist. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the apparent aspect of my colorful identities. I'm Black. Maybe you're pretending to ignore every single criticism of Lil Nas X's unapologetic sexuality or Dave Chappelle's controversial transphobic comedy special. I'm doubtful you're following Dr. Umar Johnson's homophobic conspiracy about people being sexually confused, but being a Black man and being queer is a massive problem for a lot of people. Especially people who look like me. I grew up with extreme respect for my culture and its adjacent obsession with religion, but I've noticed some things that get on my nerves about being Black, bisexual, and Baptist.

So, being Black comes before anything else?

I shouldn’t make a big deal about my sexuality out of consideration for my conservative family.

How do you know this isn’t a phase, or I’m just pretending to not be all the way gay?

Platonic relationships take a little work, and my dating life needs a lot of communication.

“It doesn’t make sense that you’re still religious after all the stuff the church says about you.”