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    Anya Taylor-Joy's Hilarious Selfie Fail Might've Ended The Great iPhone And Android Debate

    We need to have a conversation about Androids vs. iPhones.

    Anya Taylor-Joy might've hilariously ended the greatest discourse of our time.

    closeup of Anya Taylor-Joy

    Many-a-debate have left the universe torn asunder, like were Ross and Rachel really on a break?

    "break or no break?"

    Or perhaps you remember when everybody asked whether that one dress was black/blue or white/gold?

    "seriously, tho?"

    In this era, no debate is greater than iPhone vs. Android.

    "iPhone vs. Android Anya Taylor-Joy Edition"

    Now, we have an answer, thanks to the Golden Globe Award-winning actor's latest attempt at a selfie.

    "The Android's Gambit"

    While at the CCXP convention, which is like Comic-Con but in Brazil, Anya attempted to use a fan's phone to snap a selfie, and the collective struggle left me in shambles.

    Closeup of Anya Taylor-Joy

    Anya took a fan's Android phone and did everything she was supposed to do to snap a selfie, but like she was using an iPhone and not an Android.

    Anya taking a selfie

    It was her disappointed look when she realized it didn't work that did it for me.


    Then, she tried to take a selfie with an iPhone and nailed it.


    The brave fan handed Anya the Android a second time, and she even clarified which button to ensure it worked this time.

    "this button?"

    The way the phone switched back to the home screen was a sign of ultimate defeat.


    Here's the moment when Anya realized it wasn't meant to be.

    Anya failing to take a selfie

    The final heartbreak arrived when the fan tried to make a third attempt, but Anya moved on.

    Arrow pointing to the fan trying to hand his phone to Anya again

    It's tough to say who's at fault in this situation, but perhaps this silly interaction might become a cautionary tale for iPhone and Android users.

    Screenshot from "The Menu"

    Here's how everybody is reacting to Anya's unfortunate selfie-fail.

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    Watch the full moment here:

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