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TZUUM Offers Pure Player Versus Player Matches, Pokémon GO May Follow Suit

Pokémon GO has scored more than 500 million downloads in just two months. Although server capacity was an issue at first it would seem that they have stabilized.

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To date the game has generated an estimated $500 million in revenue. This seemingly impossible task that has taken the gaming world by storm was accomplished by a team of only 70 people in an office in San Francisco.


Players couldn't download and play this game fast enough, and content was being torn through an epic case. All this made the launch of Pokémon Go very exciting and also created an interesting problem. In a very short period of time the players had seen all there was to see and were getting bored.

Many online games experience this type of growing pain early on and the only answer is more content created as quickly as you possibly can.


John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic Labs that created Pokémon GO, has promised that there is more content in the very near future that will most certainly keep the game fresh for many years to come. Content including Pokémon trading, live tournament events, player versus player matches and more.

The inclusion of player versus player combat will change the nature of Pokémon go and place it in competition with a completely different set of games such as TZUUM (pronounced zoom).

TZUUM is in the augmented reality game genre as is Pokémon GO but the games are vastly different. Developed by George Carter III, the creator of the original Laser Tag in the early ‘80’s, TZUUM gives players all of the tools they need to create the Laser Tag experience anywhere without the cost. Anyone familiar with the original game will remember the bulky armor and expensive devices that were necessary to play the game. TZUUM only requires an iPhone, a free download and a few players to get going. The game centers around player versus player matches that include options such as base defense or free-for-all matches and more. The fact that player matches are almost always different and produce unexpected outcomes means there is no limit to the content for players. By incorporating the creativity and imagination of the players the game has vastly increased both its appeal and its lifespan.

“There is no end to what our players can come up with playing TZUUM”, said George Carter III during a recent closed beta test in Dallas Texas. “We have developed a gaming toolset for our users to create their own scenarios and honestly we are always surprised. The concept of base captures has been driven by beta testers and we are looking forward to seeing where our players are going to take the game next”.

The idea that player versus player matches could drive the game long after the content has been consumed may be influencing the changes being proposed for Pokémon GO.

"We have seen PVP content increase the shelf life of games before", said Bill Wilson, an analyst for Broadband Landing and "Blizzard Entertainment buys itself a lot of time between releasing expansion of World of Warcraft by promoting pvp. There is no reason this won't hold true in the augmented reality game app market as well. Maybe even more so".

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