Here's What Today's Most Popular Politicians Looked Like 30 Years Ago

    Yes, the '90s was 30 years go!

    Politicians have some of the most recognizable faces in the world. We see them on TV, on newspapers and magazines, and all over social media on the daily. We look at them so often that we don't even realize they've aged before our very eyes.

    Obama raises his hand to greet a crowd

    From Joe Biden to Arnold Schwarzenegger, see how these politicians have changed over the last 30 years.

    1. Joe Biden in 1991:

    President Joe Biden sitting in front of a microphone

    Joe Biden now:

    President Joe Biden at a press conference

    2. Kamala Harris (top left) with her family in 1991:

    Kamala Harris now:

    Vice President Kamala Harris giving a speech

    3. Barack Obama in 1992:

    Young Barack Obama smiling

    4. Barack Obama now:

    Barack Obama smiling

    5. Bernie Sanders in 1990:

    Bernie Sanders smiling

    Bernie Sanders now:

    Bernie Sanders at a news conference

    6. Bill Clinton in 1992:

    Bill Clinton headshot

    Bill Clinton now:

    Bill Clinton sitting

    7. Hillary Clinton in 1993:

    Hillary Clinton smiling

    Hillary Clinton now:

    Hillary Clinton smiling

    8. Elizabeth Warren in 1991:

    Elizabeth Warren speaking into a microphone

    Elizabeth Warren now:

    Elizabeth Warren  talking

    9. Al Gore in 1992:

    Al Gore posing with a black dog

    Al Gore now:

    Al Gore giving a speech

    10. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1992:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger giving a thumbs up

    Arnold Schwarzenegger now:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger headshot

    11. George W. Bush in 1994:

    George W. Bush holding a shotgun

    George W. Bush now:

    George W. Bush giving a speech

    12. Mike Pence in 1996:

    Mike Pence on a talk show

    Mike Pence now:

    Mike Pence standing behind a podium

    13. Ted Cruz in 1994:

    why does young ted cruz look like filthy frank

    Twitter: @Elektriki_

    Ted Cruz now:

    Ted Cruz in front of a microphone

    14. Sarah Palin (right) with a friend at a basketball game in 1996:

    Sarah Palin now:

    Sarah Palin posing

    15. Marco Rubio in 1996:

    Twitter: @marcorubio

    Marco Rubio now:

    Marco Rubio speaking

    16. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the early '90s (she was born in 1989!):

    Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful papas out there 👨🏻 Special shout out to all the Girl Dads who lift up their daughters and show them anything is possible 💫

    Twitter: @AOC

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaking into a microphone

    17. Madeleine Albright in 1993:

    Madeleine Albright holding a piece of paper

    Madeleine Albright now:

    Madeleine Albright speaking

    18. Maxine Waters in 1995:

    Headshot of Maxine Waters

    Maxine Waters now:

    Maxine Waters speaking with activists

    19. John Kerry in 1996:

    John Kerry laughing

    John Kerry now:

    John Kerry speaking at The White House

    20. Dick Cheney in 1991:

    Dick Cheney speaking

    Dick Cheney (middle) now, alongside his wife Lynne (right) and daughter Liz (left):

    Liz Cheney, Dick Cheney, and Lynne Cheney posing

    21. Mitt Romney (left) in the '90s:

    Mitt Romney and William Bain Jr. posing

    Mitt Romney now:

    Mitt Romney speaking into a microphone

    22. Paul Ryan (right) in the '90s with Jack Kemp:

    Though he passed away 10 years ago today, Jack Kemp’s legacy lives on through those he inspired. Jack was a mentor, a friend, & he changed the GOP for the better. He offered pragmatic solutions & an optimistic vision for America. We should all strive to be as impactful as Jack.

    Twitter: @SpeakerRyan

    Paul Ryan now:

    Paul Ryan standing in a stadium

    23. Pete Buttigieg playing video games in the '90s:

    #TBT @PeteButtigieg playing classic NES with his dad. Also, who else’s mom uses a cookie tin for sewing supplies? #PeteForAmerica #TeamPete

    Twitter: @Arkansas4Pete

    Pete Buttigieg now:

    Pete Buttigieg headshot

    24. Beto O’Rourke (far left) with his punk-rock band Foss in the '90s:

    Texas GOP attempt to shame @BetoORourke for his punk rock past hilariously backfires. 😂 O’Rourke played bass in alternative band Foss, which released a pair of albums on Western Breed Records & toured U.S. & Canada in the mid 90s. 🤘🏼💘🎶 #BetoForTexas

    Twitter: @Lady_Star_Gem

    Beto O’Rourke now:

    Beto O'Rourke speaking

    25. Justin Trudeau in the early '90s:

    Enjoy your weekend! Here's Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in the early 90s!

    Twitter: @heyitsurban

    Justin Trudeau now:

    Justin Trudeau posing