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    10 Dr. Fate Facts Everyone Should Know Before Making Dr. Strange Comparisons

    Ahh, information. Just what the doctor ordered.

    Doctor Fate/Kent Nelson's induction into the DC Extended Universe was a triumphant one. Played by Pierce Brosnan in Black Adam, many moviegoers dubbed Fate the film's biggest scene-stealer.

    Kent Nelson sitting on a chair holding his helmet

    Sadly, it was only a matter of time before the enthusiastic Fate discourse shifted to "copy cat" allegations. While Marvel's Doctor Strange and DC's Doctor Fate may have a few surface-level aspects in common, it's best to get the facts right before comparing them.

    Doctor Strange manipulating an energy ball

    1. Doctor Fate's First Appearance

    Doctor Fate in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon

    2. Origin Stories

    Kent Nelson in the Black Adam film

    3. Nabu's Hosts

    Khalid and the Helmet of Fate in Young Justice

    4. The Lords of Order

    Doctor Fate casting a spell in Young Justice

    5. The JSA

    Kent Nelson and Hawkman speaking to Black Adam

    6. Justice League Affiliation

    Doctor Fate in Young Justice

    7. Fate's Powers

    Multiple Doctor Fates restraining Black Adam

    8. Fate's Equipment

    Doctor Fate in the Black Adam film

    9. The Tower of Fate

    The Tower of Fate in Young Justice

    10. Kent Nelson's Wife

    Inza Cramer in the Justice League cartoon