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Katy Perry - Bon Appétit (Official) Ft. Migos

I’ve never been a big fan of Katy Perry and truth be told, still am not. I just don’t see the appeal of this derivative, sounds like everything else, no original, music. I don’t see it. There is nothing moving in this particular tune aside from the usual beat (heard in every other song of this genre) and Katy doing what she does best; bubble gum videos and bubble gum pop. Now before you yell at me if you happen to be a Katy Perry fan, it should be known that I do appreciate a good Bieber and Cyrus track from time to time. Not all, but some. I’m mentioning this to show that I have no bias against the genre. It is just that if you’re going to make bubble gum pop, at least give it some energy, a hook, and something for me to play it on loop. It's got silly lyrics and the whole video is a ridiculous concept. Sorry, but this track doesn’t cut it for me.

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