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Foo Fighters - The One

LOL! An oldie but definitely a goodie. Once in a while I go down memory lane and come across a song that has a good memory for me. This is one of them. The memory is irrelevant but I can assure you it was a good one. You can always count on the Foo Fighters to make interesting videos. The opening of this one has you hooked and reminds me of old 80s teen high school dramas. I love these guys. They never take themselves too seriously but serious enough to produce power rock that always has you listening and watching them rooting for whoever it is you’re rooting for. This one is no different. The song takes the driver’s seat and brings you to a place filled with a happy angst (if that’s possible) and all thing goods from your youth. If you need a fixin’ for some old Foo Fighters, go to this one. Guaranteed to bring you back or take you to another level only the Foo Fighters can bring you.

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