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11 Fitness Videos That Will Motivate Your Fitness Goals

Any time is a good time to get inspired and work and wiggle your way toward your goals. Browse for more #fitspo or upload your own fitness inspiration!

1. Shuffle up your workout with dance breaks.

michaeleckert_fit / Via

2. New weekend park goals.

keiflemingo / Via

3. When "the floor is lava" game makes it to the gym.

theofficialcasper / Via

4. Find a friend who will help you hit your fitness goals, whenever, wherever.

iztiicetea / Via

5. The only appropriate way to flip off your friends.

demibagby / Via

6. IDK if this is the new version of the plank, but it should be.

fabioworkout / Via

7. Find a relationship with support like this. 😱😍

theacromachine / Via

8. Slow and steady wins the race.

harpreet24Kaur / Via

9. Is he man? Is he machine? Either way, this is swift kick of motivation.

mesharyalwugayan / Via

10. A little determination can go a long way.

keiflemingo / Via

11. Find a workout partner who motivates you. (The floofier the better.)

dragonfire1119 / Via

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