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7 Times That The Undatebales Gave Us The Sweetest, Funniest And Heart Warming Moments

The Channel 4 hit show, the Undateables, hit our screen back in 2012 and has since been nominated for a BAFTA Television award and has gone from strength to strength in terms of viewer ratings and overall positive public perception of people with mental and physical disability.

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1. When the show welcomed its first baby


Carolyne sadly became paralysed after waking up with chest pains and a weak blood vessel that busted her spinal cord. Despite this Carolyne was matched with Dean by the show's dating agency and are the first couple to have a baby on the Undateables. The couple's inspirational story is definitely one of the most iconic stories and makes the television programme all worth while.

2. Richard and his 5 mile radius

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Richard, who has Asperger's syndrome, strives in a career of amateur radio and has one rule when it comes to dating woman, they have to be within a 5 mile radius... This can prove difficult for matching agencies and in one episode, Richards response to finding out that he has been matched with someone outside his 5 mile radius is rather humorous.

3. Steve's past doesn't stop him from marrying Vicky

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Steve's Crouzon Syndrome affects his facial features and appears to be a victim of vicious comments. Despite this, Steve plucked up the courage to propose to Vicky in public in front of friends and family. Throughout the show's episodes we see Steve's confidence grow as his wedding day draws closer.

4. Worst mistake possible doesn't hinder further dates for Ray & Janeate

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Despite Janeate chanting the wrong team on one of the couples dates, the pair carried on their relationship for three years and even went to Paris together.

6. Mathew and his 16 inches

Mathew who has a stammer has a very unusual requirement before he agrees to date anyone.... Mathew did not hold back with his tape measure when it came his first date with Jessica and measures her shoulders to make sure she meets his requirements before the date goes any further. Despite this, Jessica takes it in her stride and can be seen saying "do I measure up"? The couple later married.

7. Mathew's take on introducing himself

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Mathew and Alice, who both have autism, were paired by the shows dating agency and it can be said that his introduction is not what you would expect.

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