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7 Ways To Beat The Heat In Portland This Summer

We've had a really warm summer, and it doesn't look like it's letting up anytime soon.

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1. Go kayaking on the Willamette or one of the area's many rivers.


With so many rivers in the Portland metro area, it's a no-brainer to spend some time out in the water, and kayaking's the way to go. Also, the best part of going when it's this hot is that falling/ throwing your friends in is no longer just a suggested activity.

You can rent kayaks at Portland Kayak Company on SW Macadam Ave. Check it out.

2. Go to one of Sauvie Island's beaches.


Sauvie's isn't just for pumpkin patches and berry-picking. The small island has a slew of beaches that are perfect for laying out in the sun and cooling off in the Columbia River.

Sauvie's is only about 30 minutes from campus.

3. Eat all of the Salt & Straw ice cream.


You know that you want to do it the rest of the year anyway. Well now is a time when you're ALLOWED to order that double or triple scoop or flight. It's so hot out that ice cream just completely stops being bad for you. Why? Because science, that's why.

The closest Salt & Straw is on SE Division St., only three miles from campus.

4. Hike Oneonta Gorge and wade through the water.


This one's great because you get to hike and see the lovely Oregon nature without turning into a charbroiled piece of hamburger meat. On the Oneonta hike you actually get to wade through water for a pretty good-sized section. We recommend doing the hike on a weekday since weekends can get crowded.

5. Go to a movie.

I know it's old school, but you know how your mom used to force you to bring a sweater when you were going to a movie? It's because movies are dark caves where only the coldest of the conditioned air lives. Plus with the many discount theaters around Portland, you have no reason not to see that summer hit you've been dying to see.

A local favorite, the Academy Theater, is only 5 blocks from campus.

6. Head to the coast.


Yes, the Oregon Coast is about an hour away. Still, sometimes the thing your scorching summer needs is a chance to put your feet in the Pacific Ocean. Thankfully, if you live around MU, you have the chance to do that.

What do you do to beat the summer heat?

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