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Leadership Fundamentals Final Reflection

W. Mulhall - LDR 4204

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I took this class to help me with my leadership and to help me form my leadership philosophy. This class has really helped me develop my philosophy. My leadership philosophy is teamwork i think strong teamwork and sharing power is the best leadership because it can help to have many perspectives to solve problems and have people to delegate out to split a job to get done and being able to trust your teammates with work. I think working with a team of people they are also there to make sure you don't stray and stay focused on morals and keep moral courage not doing something against your morals not matter if no ones around or someone tells you i think if you have a proper team of people who respect and support each other would be best to help keep morals in check with each other.


My core values are loyalty, respect, honor, integrity and personal courage. These values are really important with my philosophy because you have to be able to respect each others differences and perspectives. you have to be loyal to one another if it was in a business aspect you can't be working with your team and the selling you ideas or products to a rival business. integrity is a given because you have to be able to do the something you would do around people when they are watching as you would if your alone. and personal courage to have the courage to stay loyal to have the integrity to always do the right things and stay true to your values.

i will lead with respect

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i will lead with respect because i think it is one of the most important things to do if you want people to listen and do the best job they can you have to respect their beliefs and their way of life and can't force them to do something that they would be uncomfortable doing.

i will follow the relational leadership model

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The relational leadership model was a big take away for me from this class cause its pretty straight forward and to the point of leadership and getting the job done in a positive manner. with going to the purpose making sure it is ethical empowering people and the process of how you are going to get the job done.

i will teach people how to be better leaders.

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i say this because one of the first things we talked about during this class was is leadership a quality your born with or can it be taught, and the answer is yes leadership is a quality that can be taught to people. you can be born with trains that may help in leadership like charisma and being out going but these things can also be taught to people.

i will use perm to convey positive leadership

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Positive Emotion (P), Engagement (E), Positive Relationships (R), Meaning (M), and

Accomplishment/Achievement (A) this model stood out to me because it is a really good way to lead positively. leading with a positive attitude make people wanna work more and makes the environment more welcoming this leadership model is a very good one to lead by as it focuses on relationships and positivity.

i will work as a team to get something done

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team work is a major part of leadership to me the most important part it is always better to have someone there to encourage you and support you which can be related to the perma model of leadership having that positive influence. an example i can give of this was the complex audit project we had to complete there was about 6 of us and we all helped each other out and worked with each other being positive influences on one another to get our work done.

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