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Top 5 Boat Outdrive Repair Items

The outdrive motor has the drive shaft connected to the engine. It is critical in steering the boat from side to side. The sterndrive system has a number of benefits that include shallow water maneuvering and ease of trailing. There is always a risk if the engine is not well maintained. Gasoline fuel vapors can go as far as causing an explosion. Therefore, you need to do your repairs well to prevent small costly malfunctions. The following are some of the most important outdrive repair items that your pleasure boat may require.

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Mercruiser Alpha One Shift Cable Assembly Kit

With continued use of your pleasure boat, the shift components wear down. You may notice that the powerboat is undergoing shift stalling. The main problem may come from a stiff shaft or drive shift cable causing an ‘overkill.’ In that case, shift cable replacement is necessary to remedy the problem, and it must be done by a qualified professional. The process of changing the cable is complicated.

OMC Cobra water pump kit

The water pump is another top repair item that you should replace annually. Water pump failure is a prerequisite to engine failure. A hot exhaust will indicate that your engine is overheating. This overheating can ultimately damage your outdrive. You can easily ruin your outdrive if you replace your water pump following this overheating especially if the problem is from an overheated seal. Let a professional check it for you and if necessary replace the pump.

Bravo Shift Cable

If you experience any difficulty in shifting, then there are faulty shift components in your Bravo drive. Remember that it is imperative you address any shift problems. Ignoring them and then going ahead to use the boat can cause further damage to your engine.

If you have decided to replace your shift cable, then you might want to consider replacing the water hose, U-joint bellows, and cable bellows. It is also an excellent idea to check your engine alignment while you are it.

U-joint Bellows

It is imperative that you change the U-joint bellows after every few years. Alternatively, you can change them if you suspect there is any damage or you notice a leak. Leaking bellows can likely cause severe damage if not addressed within the shortest time possible. The most commonly cited symptoms include water leaks into the boat and a strange noise from the engine area.

The Trim Senders

Water intrusion can cause damage to the switches. When water goes into the switch, the contacts experience damage. There is a tendency for the wires to soften and lot with time. The trim limit switches are essential components that ensure you don't experience any loss of control to the vessel. If the trim button has a problem working, then your switch has failed, and you need to replace it.

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