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    Hurry Up And Get These 21 Discounted Tech Products That Will Up Your Work From Home Game

    You'll finally be able to enjoy work.

    1. The Acer Nitro 5 Intel Core i5-10th Gen laptop, that is a legit beast and will make multitasking so much smoother - ₹62,990 (MRP: ₹94,999)

    2. Use this reusable writing pad, which comes with a stylus, to doodle, brainstorm, jot down ideas and thoughts, make lists, and anything else - it's efficient and convenient! Get it on Amazon for ₹1,199 (MRP ₹1,999).

    3. I feel the pain of spotty WiFi when working from your favourite corner in the house, it's a legit nightmare! This bestselling wireless range extender will help you with precisely that by bumping up your network to 300 Mbps at 2.4 GHZ - ₹1,399 (MRP ₹2,999)

    4. The Echo Dot that will control all your smart devices, is an amazing speaker, and LITERALLY does all your bidding. You can ask Alexa to play music, tell you interesting trivia, or even have a chat in case you really bored - ₹2,249 (MRP ₹4,499)

    5. This webcam by Logitech that boasts of features like widescreen HD video calling, HD light correction, and a noise-reducing mic - ₹2,564 (MRP: ₹2,595)

    6. You absolutely need an extension board so you can plug in your devices at the same time without worrying about power switch locations and dangling cords. This one is equipped with a surge protector and spike guard - ₹439 (MRP ₹999)

    7. Disable all your pesky alarms that make you wanna smash your phone on the wall. Get this peaceful wake-up light that gradually lights up from 30 minutes before your set alarm time to wake you - happy and tranquil. You can also use it as a night lamp or reading light - ₹9,363

    8. A really cool reusable notebook for all your random thoughts and ideas - it can also digitise notes, search handwritten notes, create smart titles, store files! What even?! Get it on Amazon for ₹1,175 (MRP ₹1,699)

    9. If you want a handy tool to keep your hair from looking like a total mess during your work call, this straightening brush from Philips is just what you need. It does the job in 5 minutes so it's okay even if you're literally just out of bed - ₹2,699 (MRP 3,495)

    Bollywood actress, Alia Bhatt, using the straightening brush,

    10. These amazing noise-cancelling headphones from JBL that you can get for ₹5,399 instead of ₹9,499. You can finally tune out your noisy household and focus on your call.

    11. This wireless charger so you don't have to rummage around for cables or find a convenient power socket to juice up your phone - ₹1,499 (MRP ₹4,999)

    12. The HP Pavilion x360 Core i7 8th Gen laptop that has a touchscreen display and comes with a stylus - ₹83,990 (MRP: ₹98,242)

    13. This 500GB portable SSD so you can store all your heavy files safely, conveniently and without burdening your computer's memory - ₹5,899 (₹10,000)

    14. Or this excellent flash drive by SanDisk if you want a less expensive option - ₹2,499 (MRP: ₹3,890)

    15. A wireless keyboard that's really convenient to use and also reduces the clutter of tangled wires on your desk! It's portable and compatible with computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones - ₹2,595 (MRP: ₹2,995)

    16. A multi-function printer from HP that will take care of all your scanning, printing and photocopying needs! It supports A4, A5, B5, envelopes, post cards - ₹16,349 (MRP: ₹17,536)

    17. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (Oxford Grey) - ₹26,999 (MRP: ₹30,999)

    18. This laptop cooling pad so you can save your thighs from feeling like they're on fire - ₹859 (MRP: ₹949)

    19. There's nothing worse than a freshly made cuppa going cold because of how immersed in work you were. Ensure that doesn't happen with this nifty mug warmer that will keep your coffee/tea hot and delicious - ₹2,306

    The mug warmer with a mug on it.

    20. Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Intel Core i5 10th Gen laptop (Black) - ₹59,990 (MRP: ₹83,368)

    21. Stop fretting over dragging a broom or a vacuum cleaner all over your apartment and under the hard-to-get places with this super cool robotic vacuum cleaner. It cleans the apartment on its own, and you can control the features on the vacuum's app. It also supports Alexa - ₹34,990 (MRP ₹54,999)