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    17 Relaxing Gift Options To Pamper Your Mom With This Mother's Day

    Psst! Mother's Day is on the 9th of May!

    1. This luxurious coffee bathing bar in the variant Cappuccino for the perfect wake-me-up. It moisturises, polishes, and softens skin, and doesn't strip it off any natural oils - ₹239

    2. This fruity and floral perfume from Miniso with a lovely fragrance that'll definitely be hard to ignore (in a good way, obvz). It's fresh, fun, long-lasting, and easy on the wallet - ₹460

    3. Get them a Kindle Paperwhite which can store thousands of books, and will give them instant access to the latest releases - ₹12,999

    4. A jade roller which improves blood circulation, reduces puffiness, and not to mention, looks so pretty - ₹299

    A woman using the jade roller.

    5. A journal so they can jot down their thoughts, rants, and daily experiences. It's undated and comes with a really pretty metal bookmark - ₹452

    A pink and gold journal.

    6. This woven cotton rope planter to show restraint and introduce neutral tones to their space. It'll create a nice laid-back ambience, whilst the plants will breathe in life and vitality to the room - ₹545

    7. A luxurious overnight water mask that will revive, refresh and soothe skin - ₹636

    8. There's no better gift than a box filled with desserts. Get these sumptuous non-maida nutty cookies that come in flavours like white choco cashwew, choco almond, and peanut butter - ₹299 for 12 cookies

    The box of cookies placed near a bouquet of pink roses and a stack of gifts wrapped in some polka dot patterned brown paper.

    9. Or this gift box from Cadbury that boasts of exquisite chocolate bars in flavours like almond, sea salt, and butterscotch - ₹499

    10. These organic Ocean Breeze bath salts so they can have a calming bath after a tiring day! They can also use them for foot soak-slash-pedicure situation - ₹349

    11. Colouring is one of the best ways to rejuvenate yourself, and this Mandala colouring book with a myriad of intricate mandalas will help them escape the real world for a while - ₹150

    12. A luxurious self-care kit from Khadi Natural which has a Shikakai hair cleanser, green tea and aloe vera hair conditioner, lavender and ylang ylang bodywash, aloe vera soap, rosewater soap, and some luscious rose and honey body moisturiser - ₹519

    13. The Saregama Carvaan 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker. It supports USB/Bluetooth, has an in-built FM/AM, radio, and also has a 3.5mm jack for connecting AUX cables or earphones. The sound is AMAZING. The speaker is especially a lovely gift for people who love retro songs, and comes pre-loaded with 351 Bollywood classics. - ₹2,090

    14. This gorgeous sandalwood and neroli scented candle that will help them unwind and kickback after a long day. It's made from beeswax and will create the perfect setting for a cosy night in - ₹525

    15. A tea brewing pot with a lovely floral design for all those moms who need their daily cuppa and also love such pretty pieces of crockery! It comes with a strainer for easy brewing - ₹549

    A white ceramic teapot with a blue floral design

    16. Pair it with this superb box full of delicious teas! It contains Turkish Tea, Roman Chamomile Tea, Assam Leaf Black Tea, Bulgarian Fennel Tea, Moroccan Mint Tea among others - ₹599

    17. And, this set of sheet masks to have a chill spa day at home! Sheet masks are known to nourish skin, give it nice glow, and fight signs of fatigue (Pack of 5) - ₹450

    Avocado, Olive, Blueberry, Aloe, and Shea Butter sheet masks