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    17 Amazing Products To Make Annoying Problems Simply Disappear


    1. A pot of natural and vegan nipple cream to alleviate chaffing, tenderness, and cracks. It contains calendula oil, kokum butter, wheatgerm oil, and natural vitamin E, which all team up to reduce pain, restore elasticity, moisturise, and prevent any skin damage - ₹239

    2. An extension board so you can plug in your devices at the same time without worrying about power switch locations and dangling cords - ₹385

    3. Calling all pet parents! This odour and stain remover will get rid of all stinky smells and unwanted spots to make your house smell and look cleaner and fresher - ₹600

    4. Pimple patches, so you don't spend hours agonising over the pesky and painful bump that's popped up right before an important event. They can be worn seamlessly under makeup - ₹330

    A person using a pimple patch on their cheek

    5. These blue light blocking glasses that will filter out all the glare from your TV screen or computer so your eyes don't get too strained and tired - ₹799

    6. These super cute ziplock bags for dry food items like nuts, cookies, sev, and chips, so they don't end up getting soggy or stale. They're space-saving and super portable - ₹279 for a set of 10 bags

    Three ziplock bags, designed like mason jars, storing peanuts and other dry foods

    7. These herbal pain relieving patches to finally get rid of the worst things about periods - CRAMPS. They can be used on your lower abdomen, lower back, legs, joints, and muscles - ₹199

    The patches used on the lower abdomen, neck, lower back, and calves

    8. A pair of silicone gloves with bristles so you can do the dishes without any other tools! You can also use them to wash your car, bathroom basins, stovetop, and kitchen produce. They'll make cleaning hard-to-reach spots a piece of cake, and will also protect your hands from cleaning solutions that harm skin - ₹149

    9. Get rid of adamant blackheads and whiteheads with this cleansing charcoal peel off mask! This nourishing mask contains powerful charcoal that can easily remove pore-clogging dirt and extra oils, effectively preventing blackheads - ₹199

    There are three pictures - the tube of the mask, a woman peeling the mask off from her face, and a before-and-after picture of a nose

    10. Use these mattress corner fasteners so your sheets stay in place no matter how much you toss and turn. Say goodbye to making your bed four times a day - ₹475 for a set of 4 fasteners

    11. Stop worrying about unhygienic toilet seats with this convenient and easy-to-carry toilet seat sanitiser spray. It can also be used on taps, door handles, flushes - ₹149

    A person sanitising a toilet seat with the spray

    12. This extremely useful wall organiser so you always remember your keys, cables, face masks, purse, and phone before stepping out - ₹289

    A brown MDF wall organiser with keys, napkins and two phones

    13. A wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair without all the fuss and pain. It also minimises hair breakage and deformation of your natural style - ₹125

    14. A drain cover that'll filter out bits of food and gunk to prevent everything from clogging the drain. It'll be infinitely easier to keep drains clean this way rather than fishing gross stuff out afterwards (Set of 2) - ₹393

    The drain cover filtering out bits of vegetables

    15. Sturdy gloves that come with built-in claws to facilitate easy digging. These gloves are very handy for digging, raking, and are puncture-proof so you don't have be concerned about dealing with thorns or any sharp objects in the soil - ₹219

    16. A set of packing cubes so your bag is completely organised and you can pick out anything you want without disrupting any other stuff. You'll also be able to fit in a lot more things, so yes, 10 coordinated outfits for a two-day trip is okay - ₹899

    17. Working from home = hella backaches and lumbar pains. Give your poor back some well-deserved relief with this ergonomic chair cushion - ₹1,449