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    21 Soothing Products That Will Help You Kick Back After A Long Day

    Workdays ain't easy 🤫

    1. This brilliant foot massager to help you unwind after those long work-from-home hours. It'll help release stress, tension, and tightness - ₹4,399

    2. This pack of twelve essential oils so you can sprinkle some on your pillow or in your bath water for a relaxing time - ₹749

    3. This gel eye mask will provide rest and comfort to fatigued eyes after staring at screens for the entire day - ₹225

    4. This gorgeous combo of murumuru butter and rose body wash and body lotion that will keep your skin happy, healthy, and hydrated - ₹738

    5. A pack of zesty lemon and ginger tea that will calm you down and make you feel all sorts of good - ₹320

    The box of tea placed next to lemon slices, some ginger, and a cup of tea

    6. This really cool mixology kit to experiment with your drinks and have an amazing nightcap before you're off to bed - ₹4,300

    7. This Q&A a Day journal will prompt you to think, write, and express each day. It's superb for people who have no prior journaling experience, all you need to do is reflect and answer the questions asked! And, it lasts you 5 years - ₹580

    8. This mindfulness colouring book so you can de-stress in the best way possible! It's a very calming and peaceful activity - ₹270

    9. This berry tea if want a nice, calming cup of tea in the evening or before you dive into your bed. I've tried the tea and it's amazing. It contains strawberry, goji berry, blueberry, cranberry, and other natural herbs. It's caffeine-free and very fruity - you don't even need to add sweeteners! You can have it hot/iced - ₹264

    10. Have a spa day right at home with this luxurious face mask from Pilgrim that is loaded with amazing stuff like volcanic lava ash and white lotus to tackle excessive oil and breakouts - ₹522

    A flatlay of the mask on a white surface. It is surrounded by towels, brushes, candles, pebbles, and fern leaves.

    11. Get a good night's sleep without any tossing and turning with this weighted blanket that will make you feel cosy, comfy, and protected - ₹8,716

    A person using the weighted blanket

    12. A Himalayan salt lamp which is great for creating a peaceful atmosphere, and also looks amazing as a decor piece - ₹975

    13. An Ayurvedic eye compress loaded with mustard seeds, eucalyptus oil, and peppermint oil to give dry and exhausted eyes some much-needed relief by improving blood circulation around the area - ₹375

    14. Refreshing coconut water from Raw Pressery that'll be a healthy and hydrating drink, especially perfect for days that are bit too hot and sultry - ₹612 for a pack of 12

    15. Lemongrass bath salts to help you loosen up after a tiring day. They're 100% natural and will completely relax those muscles - ₹330

    Lemongrass bath salts in a glass bottle with a cork

    16. Exercising is an amazing way to relieve stress! Stop paying atrocious fees to gyms and start exercising at home or in the garden using this versatile yoga mat - ₹1,877

    17. This fluffy bean bag that you can plop yourself on for a reading, binge-watching, or meditation session - ₹1,690

    A fluffy grey bean bag

    18. Usher in loads of calm with this lavender potpourri that's a delight for the eyes and nose - ₹249

    19. Treat yourself to some skincare with this exfoliating cleanser that has stellar reviews! It contains ingredients like red algae and kaolin clay, and is enriched with vitamin E for some deep cleansing and to get rid of grime - ₹875

    20. A comforter that is so luxurious and snug, it won't be an exaggeration to say that you will never want to leave your bed. It is made of 200 GSM siliconised polyester filling and a 100% microfibre shell, is lightweight, and reversible. The weight is enough to make you feel secure so you can sleep like a baby - ₹1,799

    21. A set of uplifting frames to give yourself a pep talk whenever you're feeling a bit low or lost - ₹450

    4 colourful wall frames with quotes like, "Never Stop Dreaming" and "Self-care isn't selfish".