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    27 Easy-To-Use Makeup Products If You've Just Started Experimenting

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    1. This makeup primer from Lakmé is the perfect starting step for flawless makeup! It creates the perfect base and the waterproof formula ensures that it stays on throughout the day - ₹502

    A before-and-after image of a person using the primer

    2. A metallic highlighter that has a soft powder formula for seamless application and will give a bold touch to your makeup. Shine like the goddess that you are ✨- ₹356

    3. Facial mist which will give your face a lovely dewy glow after only a spray or two! The mist is loaded with stuff that your skin will love including witch hazel, aloe, turmeric sandalwood, lemon peel, amla, AND it'll make you look (and feel) radiant and fresh all the time - ₹599

    4. Long-lasting kajal that's perfect for everyday use without worrying about it smudging or fading - ₹134

    5. A full-coverage concealer from Maybelline that will diminish lines, puffiness, dark circles! It blends REALLY well and doesn't feel cakey at all - ₹640

    6. Glittery eye shadow from Wet n Wild for a glitzy and glamorous eye look. The formula is creamy, it applies easily and blends smoothly - it's very handy if you like to do your makeup fast and with a flair! - ₹108

    7. Makeup brushes!! Get this 24-piece set for all your makeup needs, from contouring to highlighting to blending - ₹405

    8. L'Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Play. It doesn't flake, it doesn't smudge, and it doesn't dry your lips out - ₹488

    A dark red lipstick

    9. Falsies to create some eye drama! They are so easy to apply and have almost no weight at all - ₹416

    3 pairs of false eyelashes with a bottle of eyelash glue

    10. If your face becomes too dry too soon, start your post-wash routine with a few drops of facial oil to keep it moisturised for really long - ₹416

    11. Wing your eye look in a single clean stroke with this eyeliner which lasts up to 12 hours - ₹252

    12. Give your cheeks a soft and natural hint of colour with some blush in the shade Rose - ₹396

    A peachy pink blush by Maybelline

    13. Keep your lips moisturised, hydrated and healthy with this blackberry lip balm that'll also give your lips a lovely hue - ₹119

    14. Give your eyebrows the gorgeously angled arch of your dreams with this brow pencil from Sugar. It creates tiny strokes and defines your brows instantly - ₹474

    15. It's extremely important to keep your face moisturised, so do it with some mattifying moisturiser from Plum. It won't make your face look greasy, and it contains green tea which is an antioxidant astringent. It also has glycolic acid which renews your skin and prevents acne - ₹399

    16. An eye shadow palette which has both nude and dramatic shades for those days when you wanna be ~EXTRA~! The palette has 6 matte shades and 3 shimmery ones, they are highly pigmented and blend easily - ₹225

    The palette has nude, pink, and brown shades in both matte and shimmery finishes

    17. These makeup shields so you can create flawless eye and lip looks without any makeup residue ruining your foundation! You can also use them to line your eyes properly instead of looking like a panda trying to perfect both eyes (Pack of 20) - ₹255

    18. This vitamin C serum from Dot & Key rejuvenates skin, boosts collagen production, and reverses damage caused by the Sun and pollution - ₹888

    19. Facial razors to shape your eyebrows and get rid of any unwanted peach fuzz without wincing with pain and listening to your parlour aunty's attacks - ₹190 for a set of 2

    20. Tired of spending hours getting the perfect wing on BOTH eyes? Get this eyeliner that comes with a stamp to speed up the process - ₹259

    21. This drop dead gorgeous Sugar matte crayon lipstick in the shade Scarlett O'Hara that can be seamlessly worn from day to night. And, it has over nine hundred 4-star ratings - ₹799

    Red lip crayon

    22. Invest in a top-notch toner, your skin needs it! Get this excellent toner from Kaya which will shrink your pores, remove excess dirt, correct the pH of your skin, and control acne - it's a literal blessing. Use it after you cleanse, and before you moisturise - ₹224

    23. This mascara makes your lashes voluptuous, voluminous, and so curly! The anti-clump applicator makes sure that each lash is coated with the mascara. It's dramatic enough to wear without any kohl or eyeliner - ₹259

    A before and after image of a person wearing the mascara. They have voluminous lashes in the after image.

    24. Loose powder to add a finishing touch to your makeup so that your face doesn't look greasy or shiny. It's lightweight and won't crease - ₹556

    25. A lip plumper strengthened with raw mango, paprika and mint. Transform your lips with this plumper which gives you gorgeously contoured plump lips! Just apply a blob of the plumper after washing your lips, let it settle for a minute and see the magic happen! - ₹235

    26. Not removing your makeup properly can lead to a lot of skin issues such as dark circles, clogged pores, acne, excessively dry/oily skin. So get a good makeup remover and religiously remove your makeup at the end of every day - ₹123

    27. And lastly, take care of your skin with this refreshing and hydrating aloe vera, green tea and cucumber mask for glowing and younger looking skin. It something everyone, who doesn't want an exhausting skincare routine, needs - ₹332