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    25 Products For Anyone Who's Just So Damn Exhausted Of Adulting

    Lemme relax, PLEASE.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Colouring is one of the best forms of therapy out there, and this book with a myriad of intricate mandalas will help you escape the real world for a while - ₹175

    2. Treat yourself to some luxury (God knows you need it) with this 100% natural agate gemstone bath bar that will melt all your stress away and is great for your skin - ₹205

    3. If cooking is one of the tasks that you dread the most, make it amazingly easier with this vegetable chopper so you don't have teary eyes and a blotchy face even while slicing onions. Also, it doesn't hurt to mention that it has over 30,000 positive reviews on Amazon - ₹293

    4. Amp up the zen with a touch of green with this areca plant! Get the plant and pot combo for ₹395.

    5. Jot down your thoughts and rants, daily experiences, and something you're thankful for in this minimalist journal, which has an inspiring quote on its cover, to let go of all your stress and also to give your memories a more permanent shape - ₹349

    6. Ward away all your blues by baking some fudgy chocolate cake with this Betty Crocker cake mix! All you gotta do is add some water, oil, and eggs - ₹280

    7. Use these bath salts for a nice, long soak in the bath after a tiring day - ₹370

    8. Release all you stress and worries with this pleasant scented candle with an alluring ocean breeze fragrance that will remind you of all those wonderful times at the beach - ₹379

    9. A poop emoji pillow that is the apt symbol for how life is RN, but you can always cuddle and squeeze the hell out of it - ₹299

    10. Put away that broom and get the robot vacuum cleaner that will do the job of cleaning up your place on its own - ₹39,990

    11. There's a chance that you're on edge because you haven't been drinking enough water. Keep yourself hydrated AF with this huge ass 2.5 L water bottle that will release those sweet, sweet endorphins - ₹539

    12. This gorgeous 1000-piece Starry Night jigsaw puzzle to give your tired self some interesting company. It'll last you about 5-6 hours - ₹2,951

    13. Get rid of all your fatigue and dark circles with some seaweed eye gel - ₹149

    14. A bottle opener for when you struggle with a lid and don't want/have any help - ₹249

    15. This extendable mop so you don't have to dangle precariously on stools and chairs while cleaning your ceiling and fans - ₹226

    16. A splatter guard to keep your kitchen counters spic and span, so you don't have to clean up a horrible mess the second you look away from the stove - ₹449

    17. This instant egg boiler, which is easy-peasy to use and saves so much of your time - ₹1,084

    18. A drain filter to make the process of cleaning drains a little less gross - ₹219

    19. Now that we've gotten back to work (ugh), this under-desk hammock will be a saviour for your tired feet - ₹779

    20. Get some coffee for refreshing starts throughout your day! This coffee is truly AMAZING - it tastes great, is a brilliant wake-me-up and comes in hazelnut and caramel flavours - ₹599 for a pack of 2

    21. Good clothes create good vibes! Wear this comfy bright red hoodie and remind yourself to "Be fearless, be strong, and be you!" - ₹745

    22. Exercising is an amazing way to relieve stress! Start right at home or in the garden using this versatile yoga mat - ₹449 to ₹889

    23. Self-watering pots are the right buy if you don't have the time to water your plants diligently, or if you're simply forgetful like me - ₹749

    24. If you're a person who alternates between being organised and messy (READ: me), this fun planner will help you be so much more organised, and also give you loads of innovative ways to procrastinate like learning Japanese songs and finding out whether the moon landing was a hoax - ₹899

    25. And, this wall frame that will remind you of how amazing you are each time you look at it - ₹379